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What it Means to be Accountable

Sometimes we don’t get to the success that we want to reach because we are not accountable for the failures, or lack of action along the way. Accountability simply means to be responsible for your actions especially in the need to report to someone else when called upon. Someone who is accountable for the actions and non-actions are putting themselves in a position to succeed by being true to themselves and being trustworthy towards others.

Being Self-Accountable

Self-accountability or personal responsibility means that you are responsible for your own actions. With someone who is looking fo success, the first person to start with is yourself. No one can blame another person for the circumstances that they are in. The noble thing to do is to look within. It’s also worth knowing that you can’t change anyone else, so making sure you are the person you want to be should remain the priority.

When you are personally accountable would also never see yourself as a victim. This can be a victim of circumstance, or the actions of another person. There is a sense of ownership with your actions, especially if there are negative consequences. An accountable person would never tell someone to do something he should do himself.

Being Accountable to Others

When you are accountable to yourself, having to explain yourself to others should become comfortable. This is where some people fail to hold up to their actions and face the consequence if there are any. Instead, some people pass blame to someone else. The problem with blaming others is that our success is dependent on relationships. You work with your parents, your siblings, your classmates, your coworkers, and many other people. Being accountable to others means to not be afraid to give a honest account of conduct for those who ask.

To do this honestly means to recognize where you fail and get better. You cannot grow if you believe that everything you are doing is perfect. The corrections of others can help you be aware of blind spots and places you need to improve upon in order for success. Listening to yourself and the good intentions of others can put you on the path to a better you.