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Do the Hard Things Because This is What Makes You Stronger

The crazy thing about life is that it doesn’t get much easier. You just get stronger. The thing is, we must be willing to do hard things if we want to continue to grow. When we do hard things, it allows us to get used to it, making the task easier. It also allows us to get to the next levels of life. In this circle of life, doing the hard thing makes it easier for us to to do harder things.

I think that’s what they mean by experience when looking at a job description. Were you able to tackle the hard things. I started my marketing career about 6 years ago. From then to now, I can easily say that I do a lot of things that I wasn’t able to back when I started. I’m more readily available to answer tough questions, stand up for what I believe, and have uncomfortable conversations. Make no mistake, these things are still hard. Since I’ve gone through it before, I’m ready to go through the battle once again.

It’s kind of like working out. I’m a big proponent of strength training. The only way to gain strength is to pick up heavy things multiple times. If you can pick up the weight and it becomes easy for you, it’s time to go for heavier weight. This is the only way one truly grows strengths and those muscles we surely covet. If you stay with the same weight, you’ll be happy that you can lift it, but you’re not going to see any progress.

Do what is hard because you will see growth in it. Even if you fail, you at least know that you’ve done something the wrong way… knowing that there is always a right way. Keep going and don’t let fear or comparison take you away from your growth potential.