A Journey to Yourself

We all want the same things in life; love, peace, and happiness. I genuinely believe all of these things begin and in with us. So many times have we given the power to the outside world for our happiness. We try to find happiness in a person, career, or material things. I’m here to help individuals like you realize, that happiness begins within.

We have love within us. We knew joy as soon as we learned how to giggle as babies when we saw the loving embrace of our parents. As we got older, a lot of barriers in the terms of expectations, obligations, and learned hatred of other people that’s stopped us from being the loving creatures that we are. When we go on our journey of happiness we use knowledge. We pack our brains with useless facts and self-help books thinking that we are going to find our zen, but it doesn’t seem to work. Instead of packing our brains with more information, we need to remove the barriers that keep us away from loving others and being loved.

I hope to help with my experience doing this very thing and realize, none of it was for my benefit. All of it was to build an already big ego. With my help, I hope to connect with you through Zoom calls, journaling, weekly assignments, and resources to help you remove the barriers to love and help you realize who you truly are. Once you know your essence, you will see others as you see yourself. This way we learn to love each other as we love ourselves. I just hope to listen to your needs and give you what you need to start or continue your journey toward love.

*All coaching packages are non-refundable. Results are not guaranteed and are based on the efforts you put in and the action you take to better your life. In the event of dissatisfaction, all efforts will be made to make things right.

Topics that We’ll Cover

  • Perception vs. Reality
  • Happiness and Joy
  • Separation and Connection
  • Ego vs. Self
  • Struggle and Suffering
  • The True Definition of Love
  • Peace of Mind
  • Forgiveness
  • Healing