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There’s Nothing Wrong with Being Ordinary

The great thing about this super hero resurgence along with the new Star Wars shows and movies coming out is that it’s inspiring kids and adults alike to be superhuman. The reason why these types of entertainment has had rise in popular culture because people subconsciously want to be greater than they are and serve a purpose bigger than them.

The desire to be extraordinary has an impact on the way people interact, make decisions, and feel about their self-worth. In our frame, it really has nothing to do with having super powers, but to be prettier, smarter, and more accomplished than the average person. In contrast, being ordinary is seen as negative because a person is boring or undistinguished from the rest of the crowd.

Believing in this way gives a superficial perception of ourselves that only measures who we are with one measuring stick. If you are looking to be pretty, you’re discrediting the fact that you may be super compassionate, dependable, or any other honorable trait. It doesn’t help when we’re flooded daily with social media and dating apps. This form of media is dependent on the looks of a person to garner success. The Internet has given us the opportunity to express ourselves, but the extreme version of this is addiction to self-promotion.

I’m a marketer. I cringe every time I see advertising prey on the fact that people want to be better. We say that if you buy this product you’ll be better; a better athlete, a better lover, or a more attractive person. Some companies may have good intentions, but more times than not, these ads give their consumers a feeling of lack. With superheroes and our favorite products, we are induced into believing that we need to be greater than what we are.

Being Humble

The way to fight this belief is to become more aware of who you are in the grand scheme of things. Once you realize that you are just a speck in this thing we call the universe, it starts to humble you. As individuals, we start to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around us. Once we stop trying to be superhuman and accept reality, we have a better shot of a fulfilling life.

There’s a negative connotation when people talk about humbling ourselves as well. I’m still learning to not believe the societal definition. When I say humble yourself, I don’t mean play small, or lower your standards. There’s also nothing wrong with dreaming big and working hard. We must also be self-aware of our weaknesses and promote our strengths. That’s what I mean by being humble. Our desire for success should come from our honorable efforts.