Three Months Away From the Garden

Three months ago, I left the Garden of Eden. No, it wasn’t as perfect as the actual garden, but it was my paradise for the last five years. A paradise I definitely took for granted. A lot of that had to do with my ego. I believe that the unconscious mind is the reason for […]

A Letter to My Loved Ones

I feel like I’m distant from my family in a way that most families aren’t supposed to be. I feel like I get judged by not being as responsive or communicative as a family member would be to another. I don’t really feel like I have ties to people outside of my immediate family because […]

What is Lucid Dreaming and How Do You Control Them?

Lucid dreaming is simply the ability to know that you are dreaming when you are dreaming. Once one realizes that they are in a dream, he/she can explore and even manipulate aspects of the dream. Usually the realization of dreaming comes with some sort of trigger. Maybe you’re dreaming that you’re on a paradise island, […]

How to Add Value in Any Relationship

Adding value to any relationship is pivotal no matter if you’re in a romantic relationship or working with co-workers. You wouldn’t want to be a partner who always takes and never gives. You hear that a relationship should be 50/50, but I kind of disagree with this notion. Wouldn’t be great if all parties were […]

Stream My New Album, Drew

DREW is my attempt to close out the previous year with a bit of reflection. Like most, the last couple years have been tumultuous, and I hope everyone gets a chance to express that in your own unique way.

I Hope You Have a Love For Reading

A big part of my journey has been reading from the minds of other people. It's a great way to get different perspectives and take in what works for you.

5 Favorite Places to Shop in Paris

The first you think about Paris is the Eiffel tower. However, there is much more to experience that may not emerge conspicuous at first. You need to first change your expectations from the glitzy Parisian equivalent of fifth avenues of New York. Although the proliferation of chain stores has increased over the years making nice […]

the inside of a fashion store

Top 10 Online Fashion Stores in the USA

Shopping has never been easier and convenient than in the 21st century. With an internet connection on any of your device, you can access a variety of clothing outfits, for men, women, and kids. Actually, there are more than enough options. The challenge comes with finding credible and reliable stores because every business has an […]

Clеаnѕing Mеthоd fоr Nаturаllу Perfect Skin

Oil cleansing саn rерlасе bоth your mаkеuр rеmоvеr and fасiаl сlеаnѕеr bесаuѕе it gеntlу but effectively removes соѕmеtiсѕ, ѕеbum, sweat, аnd dirt. Thе оil сlеаnѕing mеthоd livеѕ uр by using one оr mоrе оilѕ to cleanse “bad” оilѕ from the fасе and ѕkin. Whеn ѕеbum ассumulаtеѕ, it bindѕ tо mаkеuр, dirt аnd dеаd ѕkin tо […]

Lifе Chаnging Mаѕсаrа Tiрѕ Yоu Need tо Knоw

Mаѕсаrа can transform аnуоnе’ѕ еуеѕ but it’ѕ imроrtаnt for fаir-ѕkinnеd ladies with short, light lаѕhеѕ tо аррlу it subtly, too muсh саn арреаr likе a ѕоlid, goopy wаll.  It’s not thаt уоu’rе doing it wrong,you соuld just bе dоing it better. Although I maintain еvеrуоnе should witnеѕѕ thе fасе-trаnѕfоrming power оf bаrе  lashes for hеrѕеlf, […]

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