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Bad Things Will Continue to Happen Until You Learn its Lesson

I’m very much an advocate of learning. Every process of life is a learning moment where we should take the time to learn its lesson. The biggest way we learn is by making mistakes. It’s really not until we fail that we realize how to put the pieces back together. The problem is that we think that simply submitting to these issues is the solution. Instead we should meditate on what went wrong and become wiser if the issue pops up again in the future. If you submit to unwanted situations, it’ll continue to creep up if you don’t learn the lesson it’s trying to teach.

Seeking Social Approval

Because we are social beings, we have a proclivaty to search for social approval. Sometimes we go to extremes trying to find that approval. Sometimes we do that even when It means hurting others, or even ourselves. Once we receive that approval, it takes a lot of work to then maintain this position in the hierarchy. How do you maintain? It’s basically using others for self gain with no remorse, or no compulsion. This is just to say, when it comes to making a decision do what you believe is best for you, not what’s best for your status.

Finding the Root Cause

The lessons that life tries to give us are always subtle at first. Then it happens again, and again, until it hits you like a brick wall. The purpose is to not allow that wall to form. Sometimes we attribute our situation to bad luck. Unfortunately, this way of thinking allows us to continue to make mistakes without having any responsibility for them.

If our situation involves other people, such as a relationship or work, communication is always key. Always know that communication is a two-way street. No one is going to know your needs until you express them. Poor communication could be the main reason pain exists. Again, we’re social creatures. We need each other to live. Most of our issues can be traced back to our relationships. Arrogance is what usually causes miscommunication and then prevents a person from correcting their mistakes.

Learning the Lesson

The biggest part of learning the lesson that is presented to you is to keep an open mind. Yes, we have our own perceptions and values that were drilled into us since childhood. Life evolves. It’ll change and we have to adaptable to change with it. Know that committing a mistake is not the end of the world. It’s actually the beginning of something beautiful if you learn form the mistake. If you can comprehend what exactly went wrong, it’s a valuable experience. Once you find the solution, you’ll never have to go through the problem again.