Three Months Away From the Garden

Three months ago, I left the Garden of Eden. No, it wasn’t as perfect as the actual garden, but it was my paradise for the last five years. A paradise I definitely took for granted. A lot of that had to do with my ego. I believe that the unconscious mind is the reason for […]

A Letter to My Loved Ones

I feel like I’m distant from my family in a way that most families aren’t supposed to be. I feel like I get judged by not being as responsive or communicative as a family member would be to another. I don’t really feel like I have ties to people outside of my immediate family because […]

What is Lucid Dreaming and How Do You Control Them?

Lucid dreaming is simply the ability to know that you are dreaming when you are dreaming. Once one realizes that they are in a dream, he/she can explore and even manipulate aspects of the dream. Usually the realization of dreaming comes with some sort of trigger. Maybe you’re dreaming that you’re on a paradise island, […]

How to Add Value in Any Relationship

Adding value to any relationship is pivotal no matter if you’re in a romantic relationship or working with co-workers. You wouldn’t want to be a partner who always takes and never gives. You hear that a relationship should be 50/50, but I kind of disagree with this notion. Wouldn’t be great if all parties were […]

Stream My New Album, Drew

DREW is my attempt to close out the previous year with a bit of reflection. Like most, the last couple years have been tumultuous, and I hope everyone gets a chance to express that in your own unique way.

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Why You Should Climb out Your Comfort Zone

Staying in your comfort zone could be slowly killing you. That sounds pretty drastic. When you think about it, being in you comfort zone will mean that you will never discover your passion, accomplish goals, or find happiness. That sounds counter intuitive though. If you’re comfortable, doesn’t that mean you’re happy? It’s usually not the […]

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How to Teach Someone to Treat You Well

In some relationships, we don’t necessarily like how we are being treated. Then you do a Google search for quotes that say something like you treat others how you want to be treated. What does that really mean? Teaching someone how to treat you is a practice in setting boundaries. It’s letting someone know what […]

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We All Work on Our Own Timeline

You know how I feel about comparisons. A lot of comparisons happen based on where we are in comparison to someone else at a certain time. For instance, a lot of my friends are either married, getting married, or already have a couple kids. I’m still happily single. We do it every day though. Some […]