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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Your Hardships

It may feel like everything is going bad for you. Like nothing is going your way and there’s not room for improvement. There could be a lot of negative thoughts and emotions stirring within you. It’s very important to realize that those thoughts are lies that you’re telling yourself. After the end of any rain storm comes a rainbow. Meaning, the steps to success comes with adversity, and if you stop now you’ll never see the fruit of your labor.

Stay Focused on Your Journey

The issue is that your mind settles on the negative when less than favorable outcomes occur. The cure is is to simply set your mind off the negative. That’s easier said than done. Think of it this way. You tend to head in the direction you’re focused on. If you’re driving a car and you’re focused on a wall, it’s a good chance that you are going to crash into that wall. Just like driving, there’s more to life than just the wall. Set your focus on the road ahead of you and you don’t have to worry about crashing.

Give to Others

The best way to no wallow in your sadness is to look after the needs of others. It makes the selfish act of caring about yourself and gives it an opportunity to care for others. You’ll also realize that your troubles may not be troubles. With all the effort into going to the needs of others, you’ll start to realize that you have everything you need right now.

It’s Not Your Fault

When going through a trying time, remember that none of it is your fault. We tend to put ourselves at the center of our universe, but it’s also true that things happen that are not within your control. As much as we think we do, we don’t control every aspect of our life. You may be right and something could have been prevented because of what you’ve done. What’s the use of chastising yourself? The situation isn’t improving because you are beating yourself up.

Instead, see this as an opportunity to learn from your past mistakes. Do this without judgement. This time of reflection will help you with your future successes… because there will be future successes!

Know Yourself, Know Your Worth

I’m going to end this blog post off with a quote from Drake. The goal here isn’t to give you advice for bad times. It’s to help you overcome those bad times. The supreme way of overcoming any adversity is knowing who you are. You inherently know your own advice, so you should listen to your own intuition. You don’t need me ,and you don’t need this blog. I’m still grateful for you reading this.

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