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Why Emotional Intelligence is Important in Love

Relationships are forever evolving. The ability to be aware of the changes, whether good or small, is one of the critical reasons why relationships last. Through empathy for your significant other, you’ll be able to sense changes in the dynamics of the relationship and know when there is a need for action.

People want to be in a relationship for a plethora of reasons: to find deep intimacy with another person, find commitment, or have a mutual love for one another. The simple act of displaying empathy can help with all three. Before that can happen, one has to be aware that lust or infatuation does not equate to love. Couples must also know and learn how to deal with emotions that if left alone could fester and destroy the relationship.

How to Improve EQ

The question is then, how does one improve their emotional intelligence. There are so many aspects of two different people coming together to be one couple that deters so many relationships. Couples have to continuously battle conflicting needs and resign themselves to either conflict or detachment. This typically means multiple failed relationships. If the relationship makes it to marriage then divorce is inevitable.

In my reasoning for high EQ, I’ve also given you the answer. It all deals with empathy. If you want actionable steps, just be aware of these three things: don’t mistake lust for love, accept emotions that will be detrimental if you allow them to fester, and be aware of what’s working in the relationship and what is not.

Don’t Resist Change

It’s crazy how humans resist the only thing that remains constant. Change in a relationship is no different. If you feel a change coming, you should actually be excited. Good things usually come on the other end of change. If your relationship is not changing, it’s not growing. This can be the cause for your boredom if you feel like something needs spicing up.

Your Challenges are Opportunities, Not Problems

Every relationship has its issues. The way people stay in the relationship is that there are willing problem solvers. With a hint of optimism, the couple can easily see their issues as opportunities to have a stronger relationship. This also involves not blaming each other for the emotions that are brought up but collaborating on a solution to satisfy the concern. With emotional intelligence, none of the unnecessary tension matters. Both can get to the root of the issue and avoid an unnecessary crisis.

Respect all Emotions

We may not agree with the emotions that are displayed to them all. We may even believe that it’s the truth. The reality is that your partner is speaking their truth, so any feelings that get brought up must be respected. Also, remember that being loved isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. There is rain. There will be times when you get angry, sad, or disappointed. That doesn’t mean you tolerate bad behavior. A couple with high emotional intelligence continues to evolve a good relationship, while also being weary of boundary crossing.