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Your Perception of the World Comes from the Music You Listen To

Music has a powerful effect on us. It has a way with carrying our emotions. A sad song can move us to tears while Pharrell Williams can spend an entire year making us happy. That’s just in the short term.

A study conducted at the University of Groningen in Netherlands shows that not only does music have the ability to change our emotions, it also can become the base for your perception of the world around you. The researchers noted that not only listening to happy tunes makes you happy, but you’ll also be more aware of the smiling faces around you. The same thing happens when you listen to sad music.

The overarching conclusion of the study was that people see aligns with the music they listen to. There is the case that people gravitate to sad music after a sad event. Maybe a bad breakup is the cause. Someone who consistently listens to XXXtentacion is probably a sad person in general.

The takeaway from this short blog is that music has power. If you want to change your mood and your mindset, change the music you listen to. If you want to become business and street smart, you should probably listen to some Nipsey Hussle.

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