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Why a Sense of Abundance is Attractive

When we talk about abundance, we talk about a mindset of no lack, or scarcity. A person with this mindset knows who they are and are confident in their beliefs, values, and insecurities. Having abundance is not something that can be faked, or it would be defined as narcissism. It’s a mindset that gives an abundance of benefits, especially when finding another spouse.

Feeling great shows the potential mate that you have emotional stability. Your drive and desires come from yourself without any outside influences. Most importantly, you don’t need anyone else to make you happy. People are drawn to that kind of authentic positivity. When you look at the different heroes that you have in your life, this is probably the one thing that they have in common. People who have the gumption to be their authentic selves without the fear of anyone’s disapproval.

The Difference Between Abundance and Scarcity

I hope you’ve noticed so far that this isn’t a blog post to learn dating techniques. This is a call to look deeper within. No method is going to help you with the core issues that pop up in a relationship. This is about getting to know your standards and your beliefs. Your views on life will be the thing that gets you the love of your life, not corny pickup lines. This is why abundance and scarcity are so important. If you live a scarce lifestyle, you’ll attract those who live a scarce lifestyle. If you have limiting beliefs, the same will be of your potential mate. An abundant mindset means that you are the player in this game of life, and you are going to make the next decision for yourself without attaching to someone else’s action.

Potential Partners are Limited Resources

Some people tend to put their potential partners on a very high pedestal. They go on the date believing that they can’t mess up because this is their one shot at getting a relationship. It’s almost like being nervous at an interview. This fear limits their ability to be their authentic self as they are pretending to be someone that they believe is wanted by the other person.

Rejections and Breakups are Negative

No one likes rejection, but many people see this as a fault of their own. It only means that the two of you were not compatible, and now you’re closer to finding someone who is.


A big consequence of scarcity thinking kind of comes from the second. Since we’re afraid of rejection, we also tend to grasp onto the other person for dear life, afraid that we might lose them. So instead of being comfortable with ourselves, we bug our partner with calls, texts, or likes of Instagram posts. If any of these goes unanswered, we automatically think something is wrong.

To try to eliminate this behavior, look into your own personal development. There’s no technique here other than investing in yourself. In this way, dates and dating are something to look forward to, not something that comes with pressure. Don’t worry about rejection because you’re free from a relationship that would have never worked out. All we’re doing is shifting the perspective of our mindset.