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Lessons Learned from Living Alone

Nobody wants to be alone, but there are actually plenty of benefits to living by yourself. There’s no doubt that it can be lonely, but you get to learn a lot more about yourself. Living alone gives us a better understanding of ourselves and improving our relationships with others.

A Better Relationship with Friends and Family

Living alone gives you the opportunity to focus on the people that are most important to you. That’s hopefully going to be your family and friends. I will say it’s not the same living alone than it is living with family members or my roommate. I can’t go into someone’s room and ask what they are doing. With these memories, you start to cherish the past and any future interaction you have with you loved ones.

Knowledge of Self

One thing I really like living about myself is having time to learn about myself. Mixed in with the current pandemic, I had ample time to learn about my strengths, my weaknesses, my motivations, and my desires. I was able to learn more about myself than any other time in my life. This period of being alone has definitely helped my growth as a person.

Enjoying Your Own Company

A lot of people say they can’t do things on their own. They can’t go watch a movie, or eat a restaurant by themselves. I was one of those people. I’ll be the first to say that it’s not that bad. The apprehension to doing things by myself was probably more ego telling me that I’d look like a loner if I was seen by myself. It’s actually quite nice. You are on your own time and you can enjoy whatever you’re doing without the need of someone else.

Better Money Management

When it comes to money management, you’re on your own. There’s no splitting of bills, and you’re in charge of the groceries. There were plenty of times where I was in a jam when it came to rent. Apartment complexes aren’t forgiving. You have to stay on top of all that stuff. The diligence makes way more financially independent in comparison to living with others.

Home Improvement

When you live with your family, or even a roommate, you don’t have the creative freedom of creating your own space. You may have your room, but everything else is a shared space. Hopefully you have your own bathroom. Living alone, you can take pride in making sure every inch of your place is uniquely you.