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There is a Difference Between Love and Possession

The worst part of any relationship is most definitely the break up. The crazy thing about breakups is that if it is being contemplated and actioned upon, it was probably necessary. It’s a necessary evil for two people who have taken the time to try to sync, but it just didn’t work. The evil gets worst when the break up is one-sided. That’s the case with most relationships. One person takes the initiative in ending the relationship while the other suffers from heart break.

The word love has been diluted for quite some time. It’s kind of hard to define the word true love, but it’s still very easy to realize when it’s not love at all. Friends who look into a relationship from an outside perspective can tell whether the relationship is built on love or jealousy and fear. This is what I’ll call possession.

It the distinction between the two doesn’t usually happen until later in the relationship. When you begin, you’re both in an extended honeymoon phase. I mean once you’re no longer afraid of farting in front of him/her is the day you figure out if it’s true love. Spending the wonder years with this person feels like heaven. Something you never want to end. The only problem is, nothing is permanent.

There comes a point where you may start being paranoid. Noticing every person that checks your significant other out. Maybe it becomes hard to believe that your significant other would never leave your side. It turns from simple jealousy (which is normal) to something that causes much of your anxiety. What if this feeling turned into fights where you yelled at him/her about your own problems with jealousy. You start to blame him/her for things that only show up in your head while he/she has no clue of what you’re talking about. In every interaction, you play the victim. At some point, this relationship is going to end.

An Alternate Ending

This is what usually happens when we choose possession over love. If you want the opposite of this conclusion, I implore you to embody these characteristics. Love is selfless, supportive and encouraging. It also needs the acknowledgment of the other knowing that things don’t last forever. We should rather be attached to idea of love rather than the person we are in love with at the time. That’s going to cause us to treat them like something we own. That, my friend, is slavery.