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Sometimes My Greatest Strength is My Greatest Weakness

A thing that makes me unique is that I’m a deep thinker. I don’t like thinking on the surface level, or short-term thinking. The decisions I make should make a difference beyond just me and the situation at hand.

I think that’s what makes me a good problem solver. When I come up with a solution, it seems like something that I just came up with no really thought process. Actually, I’ve spent so much time thinking about how to be better as a person, or make a situation better.

The Inner Dwellings of a Problem Solver

I get discouraged for the most part when it comes to my own opinion. I don’t think some people care much for my solutions because I do my best thinking in seclusion. For instance, people usually take meetings as a place to problem solve, but I take meetings as information gathering. I don’t work fast. My brain takes a lot of time and information to process. Asking for a solution after just hearing the problem is something I simply can’t do. I tend to take my time in problem solving with the hopes that I come with a solution that solves the underlying problem, not just quick fixes.

My solutions aren’t typically things that get picked up first. In all honesty, they are hard. At the same time, something worth doing doesn’t come easy. We typically want to bandaid things instead of defeating the root cause. This makes us very short-sighted. Does the task sound daunting? Sure, but there are ways to make each task a bit digestible by going a step at a time. We rush way too much, thinking because we are doing something that we are actually doing something, and doing nothing (stopping to think) is complacency.

My Goal With Everything

I’m here to build something that lasts, not firefight with bottles of water. That’s not to bring anyone down. It’s to let people know where I’m coming from when I don’t believe in a certain solution, and I have thoughts of my own.

I’m learning to not be attached to outcomes because not everyone is going to listen to what I have to say, nor should they. I just want to let people know where I’m coming from when an opinion is made. I really want us all to make the necessary efforts to find the right solution, not the easiest solution.