Statue of Woman Thinking

How Your Thoughts Become Reality

Do you know the power of your own mind? This article reminds me of this song with Bishop T.D. Jakes and Steve Angello. If you want a little inspiration before you read this article, check out this song.

Your thoughts usually determine how you feel, how you behave, and how you ultimately act. If you feel like a disappointment, you’ll behave like someone who is disappointed, and you will continue to disappoint. Yes, your mind has that much power. Even the smallest thoughts like you don’t look cute enough can cause a self-perpetual cycle of putting yourself down, behaving as though you were ugly, and then putting little effort in looking cute. Someone who believes that they are socially awkward might muster up the confidence to go a rager, but will probably see themselves in the corner with a red cup.

The reason why your thoughts are powerful is because your actions reinforce your beliefs and any belief contrary to the ones you hold become nonexistent. Let’s go back to our examples above. Someone who believes they aren’t cute enough will tend to shame themselves while looking in the mirror, but if ever someone tries to compliment him/her on their looks, it’s easier to just not take the compliment and discredit what another person is saying.

The truth is, it is not your looks, or your shyness, or your lack of skills that are holding you back. It’s the mindset of not being able to grow out of that. Things can slowly change for you with a better positive outlook. Positive thoughts create positive actions, which create positive outcomes.

So what can you do to have a more positive outlook on yourself. First thing is to get rid of the labels that you’ve placed on yourself. It doesn’t matter if you call yourself fat, ugly, poor, socially awkward, creep, whatever it is. Know that these labels are not who you are. Think about it. We don’t know what a bird is until we label it a bird. Even if you just think these things, you’re thoughts don’t have to become who you are.

One way to be aware of this truth is to notice when your labels aren’t reinforced. Notice when people congratulate you, or give you a nice compliment instead of merely dismissing them. If you still have negative thoughts about yourself, challenge those thoughts. Do something that’s contrary to how you feel. If you’re not feeling cute, play dress up. If you feel socially awkward, say hi to one person. These steps will start to get you out of your head and show you the real you.