Confident young Afro-American man having backpack on one shoulder and smiling while looking into the distance

Discomfort is Life’s Greatest Teacher

If you want to grow as a person. Sit in quiet for a couple of hours. You’ll grow. Why? It takes you out of your comfort zone. You will see no growth in doing the things you’ve always been doing. You will most likely become a narcissist or bored before becoming enlightened. It’s okay to have routine, but the status quo provides no chance for greatness. The crazy thing about comfort is that it should be use as a safe haven to rest and then get back to fight the good fight. Most people have taken permanent stay at this hotel.

Anxiety gets a bad rap. It partly gets a bad rap because people worry about the wrong thing. People worry about things they can’t control and, consequently, things they can control. The type of anxiety that’s needed is called optimal anxiety. It’s a mindstate in which anxiety is little bit higher than normal. This is what is meant to get out of your comfort zone.

The reason why the comfort zone is so detrimental is because it’s hard to get out of it. We want easy routines. We stay in Hotel Comfort, we trade new ideas, new routines, and ways of doing things for mental security. The thing about this mental security is that it shrinks. Uncertainty within your job, the economy, or the political climate can make your 1 bedroom feel like a studio. The smaller it constricts, the harder it is to get out of your comfort zone because we then choose to live in fear.

Well we have tomorrow right? The problem with procrastination is that the work isn’t stagnant. The work usually builds while you do nothing. The world around you changes while you stay the same. Instead of working on your craft, it’s easier to watch television of scroll through Instagram. You would rather avoid confrontation than have that important conversation. If you believe in the laws of evolution, you know that staying dormant will eventually kill you.