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Is it Fair to Say that the Universe is Not Fair?

We’re going through some tough times right now. People we revere as difference makers seem to be dying, while others who are spewing nothing, but evil are thriving. You would hope that the greater being out there is doing the work in creating fairness. Maybe God is. Maybe instead of having to march up and down the streets, or get some type of revenge, we can do nothing. In doing nothing, we know that God is making sure karma is balanced.

What if the opposite is the case? What if the world isn’t fair and people can grab whatever they want regardless of consequence? Maybe there are some people with only purpose of testing the theory out? It would truly become a place where survival is about living at all costs.

When someone takes fairness into their own hands, it usually a cause for oppression. Look at all the negativity that with being fair. It was fair for white men to take people out of Africa and use them as slave labor because they believe they were the chosen people and slavery was a just practice displayed in the Bible. Most wars were waged on what someone had and what someone else thought it was fair for them to obtain. It seems as though throughout history, people have used religion to manipulate what it means to be fair.

It seems that fairness revolves around the values of particular people. We work for fairness in our particular domains. When it comes to the people we love, we treat them with fairness because we love them. It’s a fact that we don’t love everyone, so everyone doesn’t receive fairness.

Nature doesn’t have a fair system. It really isn’t natural selection when people aren’t really given the choice of survival, yet thing that killed them never consciously wanted them dead. How do you describe a freak accident of someone falling off a cliff. Was it fair? The cliff didn’t push the person off.

In order for the universe to be fair, we have to be fair towards each other. In order to do that, we must love one another. That’s a hard task, and we’re definitely not there yet, but this is what we fight for.