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A Letter to My Unborn Child

Dear child,

If I had you in my arms today, I wouldn’t know where to begin. I’m not ready for a child. I’m still trying to figure my own life. I take pride in being independent. Being able to go where I want, do what I want, and not really worry about responsibility. The new responsibility of a child would be a bit overwhelming. Like most aspects of life you have to adapt, so I’ll try.

I’ll try to be the father that I never really had. Don’t get me wrong. I love my dad, but for the most critical parts of my growth, he wasn’t there. The ages 0-7 of are the most crucial years for development, but the years until you become the adult is when you’re going to need a father figure the most. I want to be there to teach you how to drive, and teach you how to talk to any person that you like. I will teach you about sex, so that porn doesn’t become your primary teacher. Every major part of your life will be a major part of mine.

As much as I want to teach you based on my experiences, you’ll have to go through your own. I’m not going to understand everything that you go through, but I will give you values to live by. There will be a culture of loving yourself and loving others. The family I envision is a family of abundance. We aren’t succumbed to the capitalistic ideas of scarcity. We will always have enough to give; enough love, enough time, enough money. Whatever is mine is yours and whatever is your is mine. All I ask of you is to love yourself and that you love others as you love yourself. Always express yourself. Never be afraid to tell me how you feel inside. Everything else is up to you.