Types Of Body Piercing For Women

Body piercing has been a way of modification prevalent among women coming from all time and culture. It is not just a process for beauty modification. For some it is a religious and spiritual value that they hold. Below mentioned are the most common types of body piercing for women.

Ear Piercing

ear piercing

It is one of the most common types of body piercing that women all across the globe are known to do. It has been known in most of the cultures since the ancient times. For most cases, the earlobes are pierced even before adolescence. Depending upon the style, body jewelry and culture, there are wide varieties of piercing ears starting from the lobe to the conch and all other visible portions. There are more than 10 different styles of ear piercing. Some women even go for cartilage piercing. To some, it is more than jewelry; it is the cultural identity they hold.

Facial Piercing

Women are setting a new trend of body piercing. Piercing on the various parts of the face has turned out to a new craze for piercing eyebrows, cheeks, chins and many other parts of the face. Though it is a trend among women, the current world record is held by a man for 280 piercings on his face alone and has been defending the record since last 6 years. The various types of facial piercing for women include eyebrow piercing, cheek and dimple piercing and eyelid piercing among many other styles.

Nose piercing

 Nose piercing

When it comes to popularity, it is the second in terms of popularity among women, the first of course being ear piercing. It is one of the deeply associated cultures with the Indian and African regions. Other parts such as Japan, South America and Canada also show such cultural trends among groups. Nose piercings have never been known to go out of style. Nostril piercing is the most common type of nose piercing that brings little or no pain. The next in line comes up the bridge piercing. It is done through the skin and hence associates minimal pain. Septum piercing is one of the painful types of piercing, especially due to the number of nerves present in the region. But a lot of jewelries are available for all types of nose piercing.

Oral Piercing

tongue piercing

Tongue piercing among the other forms of oral piercing is most common among the women of present day. It is also one of the fastest healing pierces that a woman can get done. There are more than five types of oral piercing that a woman can get done. Some of the most common types include mid-line tongue piercing, frenulum linguae piercing, snake eyes piercing, web piercing and uvula piercing among many other styles. These are some of the simplest piercing styles when it comes to healing. All it takes is antibacterial lotion and an alcohol free mouth wash and rinse clearing twice a day.

Lip Piercing

lip piercing

It is basically a type of facial piercing that has found a classification of its own for its rising craze among women. Generally, it is a two piercing combo that provides you with a cool look. When coupled with septum piercing, it can come up with great styles.  The most common styles include natural bite marks as a snake bite or spider bite would have appeared or that of some celebrity. Women often come up with their own ways of customizing the piercing as per their style and wish.

Dermal Piercing

dermal piercing

This generally refers to the piercings done on broader parts of the body that offer spaces for greater imaginations. Only one end is visible in this type of piercing. This makes it one of the best choices to come up with patterns and designs as they float on the skin. It can either be done with a needle or a punch, though the later being the safer and faster option. As it is placed just beneath the skin, it does not involve serious pain. The most common types of dermal piercing include chest piercings (below the collar bone), corset piercing, face dermal piercing, neck and nape piercing, finger and wrist piercing, back and hip dermal piercings and combo piercing with tattoos.

Navel Piercing

belly button piercing

It is the piercing of the navel on the skin surrounding the belly button, but not the belly button. The piercing is done on the ring of the skin or the cavity of the belly button. It can be adorned with bright jewels. This piercing can also be done on other parts of the belly as well.

Genital piercing

This is one of the toughest and painful piercings that a woman can go through. It is more about pleasure than aesthetic value though genital piercing psychologically adds a satisfactory aesthetic as well. It is one of the toughest types of piercings to take care of. Though women can pierce any part of their genitals, nipple piercing persists to be the most opted choice among women from all places of the globe. Tight jeans and bras can cause pain to the delicate areas that demand utter care for healing after the piercing.

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