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Not your ordinary gratitude journal. Here, we focus on forgiveness as we look at the perceived frustrations we have each day and let them go.



The Forgiveness Journal

I’ve done a lot of gratitude journals, but none of them have seemed to help me. I would write about the things that I’m grateful for, but none of it was actually things that I truly appreciated. For example, In my journal, I would write, “I’m grateful for the birds chirping out my window.”Then I would proceed to have a not-so-great day. It’s not a bad thing to be grateful for the birds in the window, but was I truly appreciative of them, or was I just searching for five things to write down. My gratitude journal turned into another checklist that I had to complete.

I’ve since realized that gratitude journals don’t put an emphasis on our gratitude for people. I would write my five things down and then have conflicts with the people closest to me. The journal made no difference if I was unable to get along with my family members, friends, and coworkers.

That’s why I’ve created this digital journal that puts more of an emphasis on people and forgiveness. The idea is to write what we’re grateful for in particular to the people in our lives. That might take us a little longer to do than 5 minutes, but oh will it be worth it. In the evening, we’ll take a look at our day and find the irritations in our life. There’s a good chance that we perceive someone to be the cause of that grievance. This is the chance for us to forgive and forget what we believe this person has done for us. Lastly, we want to be of help, so let’s reflect on how we were able to help someone today.

This is a wonderful journal that I hope is beneficial to you as it is to me.

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