Inspiring Women Today: True Stories of Real Women by Rodney Miles Taber – Paperback


LOOKING FOR HOPE, comfort, strength, inspiration? Know someone who could use a little or a lot? They’re in each of these sixteen true stories told by real women, in their own voices, in Inspiring Women Today Volume 1.



About Inspiring Women Today: True Stories of Real Women

From Florida to Australia, Cambodia, and Africa, these are CEOs, authors, speakers, leaders, veterans, and all authentic women we might pass on the street or know personally. They survive the loss of children, cancer, poverty, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, deep grief, and even being abandoned with kids in a foreign country. They conquer fear, poverty, and addiction. They overcome family, marital, and health problems, and challenges with learning and bullying. They fall down and get back up, and risk everything to become whole as they honor the true callings of their own hearts. They fight for themselves, for their children, and at times for complete strangers. Their journeys will inspire you.

And they become advocates for what they learn, whether it’s courage, faith, personal branding, entrepreneurial success, natural health, or simply survival and happiness. As NYT best-selling author Kris Radish says in her foreword, “Knowing you are not alone during a tough time can help save your life and these stories, these brave and wonderful women, these sharing hearts, will help you find your own strength to move forward.”

This book ends with—against all odds—climbing the highest mountains, spreading happiness, and beautiful clarity. Life is an adventure. Find the right woman’s story for your life right now, or share this collection with someone you care about with a gift of love, hope, and inspiration today.

Erin C. Mahoney * Denise Duncan * Diane Diaz Rodriguez * Audrey Boland * Gail Fay * Christina Debusk * Stella Ssemakula * Kristina Savka * Lisa Johnson * Ali Pilling * Sophal Chhay Benefield * Claudia Frustaci * Betsy Jordan * Michelle Hubbard * Lauren Clemett * Belinda Jane Dolan * Written and Compiled by Rodney Miles Taber

About Rodney Miles Taber

RODNEY MILES TABER is a publisher of non-fiction works that are driven by purpose and passion. As a ghostwriter, author, editor, book and cover designer over the last decade, he now brings his skills to focus on projects designed to benefit both author and reader, as evidenced in the launch of the new series, “Inspiring Women Today.” He lives in Cape Canaveral, Florida, with his wife and daughter.

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