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Why Your Values Should Align with Your Company

If you’re working in 2021, you are witnessing what we are all calling the great resignation. One of the reasons why people are looking for a new job is because they are looking for company values that align with their personal values. This alignment is so important that in a new study from Blue Beyond Consulting, 52% of workers would quit their job because of this notion. One out of four people would accept a position if the company and personal values are not aligned. As business evolves. three out of four employees expect their company to be a change for good.

Working within your core values is hugely important, even if we’re just becoming aware of it now. There are so many people leaving their jobs because so many people have felt miserable while at work without pinpointing what exactly is making them feel such a way. Disengagement, burnout, and other negative consequences can be attributed lack of aligned values. Most would try to blame the overbearing job that expects long hours and no acknowledgement, but this type of work environment is not the only culprit. The work environment may be great, but the employee may feel a disconnect from the company because there is no reference point to evaluate the company’s mission and values. Employees, like myself, wish to be a part of something larger than themselves. They would want their contributions to be meaningful in a way to accomplish that larger purpose. When a person reaffirms their values within the companies, engagement occurs.

What Are Your Values?

To know if you align with your company’s values, you must first know your own. You have to really dig into what is important to you. What is the conduct that someone displays that you dislike? What are some of values that people you admire display? It’s not enough to have values, but you also should know what makes these values unique to you. Let’s say you value respect. Well what does that actually mean? Respect is such a broad term that it could mean different things to different people.

Leading with Values

There’s two thoughts to what leadership is. One is feeling you’re the boss. The other is taking responsibility for the world around us. I tend to put myself in the latter definition. If you feel this way too, in order to be a leader, you must be comfortable with who you are as a person. This helps allows you to serve the greater purpose of what you deem to be in your organization.