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Why We Shouldn’t Ignore Our Feelings

During one day, we can be going through so many emotions. We have the need to succeed when it comes to work, or we have the fear of missing out when it comes to hanging out with our friends. We aren’t really nurtured to deal with these emotions, but suppress them. We’re actually professionals when it comes to suppression. This could be ending a long day with a drink, smoking, or just engulfing ourselves in our screens. If you’re a “hustler”, you would rather suck it up and keep going. It might not be the right way to go about it.

Emotions create our actions. It tells us what to do. Just break down the word e-motions. If we hold them in, we could be doing more than just suppressing how we feel. Anxiety and depression could stem from countless attempts to feel nothing. When the mind tries to stop the flow of emotions, it puts stress on the mind. Anxiety and depression can not only become symptions, but people can also go through physical trauma such as heart disease, headaches, lack of sleep, and autoimmune disorders.

We are all ruled by our emotions whether we believe it or not. The most rational person still has feelings. The thing is that the most rational person would not admit to feelings and acts on unconscious emotions. The more emotions a person goes through, the more anxiety they feel. It really comes down to our ancestral mechanism of fight or flight. The body becomes ready to react to perceived danger. Since your body is being tensed by a danger that’s not real, you’re going to start even seeing physical complications based on how your body is trying to act towards the stress.

Control of your emotions would definitely be helpful, but we cannot control our emotions from being triggered. Instead the way to make sure that our emotions don’t become harmful to us physically and mentally is to accept them. Accept them with self-compassion. Once you are aware of your emotions and why you are feeling them, they will simply pass. Instead of avoid the pain that we go through in our life, we need to embrace it. Experiencing the emotion heals the mind.