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Why Minding Your Business is Always Sound Advice

I can alway start a blog post about how we are living in times where people are placing themselves in a group of opinion. The tribal mentality starts when we demonize the “others” because they don’t do what what we want them to do. Does any of this sound relevant to today’s times? Time and time over, history has told us to leave people alone and mind our own business. If it doesn’t directly affect us, we should probably leave it alone. Gandhi never said to change the world, but to be the change we want to see. Even Michael Jackson started with the man in the mirror. So if we have countless quotes that tell us to work on ourselves, why do we still try to change others?

The reason is simple. It’s not lucrative to work on yourself. The idea of becoming an Instagram influencer or a streamer is to “influence” people to do what they want you to do. This is why brands partner with influencers. It’s in hopes that the brand can leverage the audience so that the product becomes aspirational just because the influencer is using it. It’s a form of manipulation. One can say the same thing about my blog posts. I’ll tell you one major difference between why I write and why others may write. Sorry, but I don’t write tips for you. I write them for me. It’s my way of clarifying who I want to be as a person. I make it public because I hope that it inspires others.

I’m not one to watch the news, but if you ask me, it’s no different than watching the Lakers play. News is no longer informing me about the happenings of the world, but pitting me against a subject that I should root for. Every current event seems to turn into a discussion whether a group of people is pitted against another group of people based on ideology. In this world of a 24 hour news cycle, the only thing that allows it to run is having an opinion.

Could it be that we are so wrapped up in other people’s problems because we have no idea how to solve our own? Is this how reality TV was born? We claim to know how to fix the problem of the world, meanwhile we can’t find happiness for ourselves. Someone please tell me that cases of anxiety and depression aren’t at all-time highs. We stay busy without accomplishing anything while offering unsolicited advice when we can’t handle our own issues.

Take Back Control

It’s kind of scary to take accountability for yourself. I get it. Try to see it this way. You have power over your life. With great power comes… well you know the rest. We have to remember that we are the creators of our circumstances. If we continue to blame outside sources, we’ll never get to where we want to be.

Setting Boundaries

Minding your own business doesn’t mean that you have to be selfish. If someone asks for your help, and you are compelled to help, go right ahead. At the same time, you must realize that you are not the solution to anyone’s problem. For that, you must set boundaries on how you will proceed to help. In all ways, never tolerate hatred or injustice. That’s not the business, I’m talking about in this article. If you have the power to help a marginalized individual, I would encourage you to help in any way. At the same time, never have your ego make you believe that you can be someone else’s solution.