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Why Masturbation Isn’t Bad and How You Should Practice

Even though sex is widely accessible through advertising and dating apps, masturbation is something that isn’t widely talked about for all sexes. Most of do it though. There’s a negative association between society and masturbation. It’s seen as a sin to the religious and taboo to the other. Masturbation can be seen as sexual care that promotes healthy blood flow to genitals, keeps you connected with sexuality, and teaches you how you’d like to be touched. Here are some ways to make sure your sexual experience is a good one.

Know that it’s Not Taboo

Everyone has or have masturbated. It’s not as taboo as we silently make it. You shouldn’t feel ashamed when you’re ready to explore your body. I feel like I’m brave for even writing this article. It’s a normal action so don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not.

Learn What Turns You On

Even though just about every person masturbates, there are different methods in which people get off. You don’t know what you’ll like sexually unless you do a little bit of experimenting. This could include reading erotica, watching porn, or using your own imagination. I would recommend your imagination, but again, this isn’t for everyone.


You don’t want to do anything dry. If you don’t have a form of lubrication, product or natural, you should probably invest in something. I’m more of a natural person, coconut oil makes for a good lubricant. There’s a pro tip for you.

Take Your Time

This should be an enjoyable experience. Take some time for yourself, so that you’re not in a rush to finish. Women usually take a longer time, so get comfortable before attending to your self love.

More Education

If you’re still having issues with finding yourself sexually, you don’t have solely rely on yourself. There are plenty of resources out there can help you. Check meetup or any local event postings for seminars or workshops to attend. You’ll probably have better luck if you live in a major city. If that’s the case you can always look online for more resources.