Why Connecting with Nature is So Important

Stepping out in nature is good for us. Going on a hike is much more than taking Instagram worthy photos. Being in nature is known to help with happiness, well-being, and overall health. One would ask why should be stay connected to the trees and the grass. I’d tell that person, it’s human nature. (See what I did there?) I’ll tell the story of why nature is so important with the help of photographer Corentin Bertau and model Maya Otsoko with their “At the river” editorial for C-Heads.

The importance of connecting to nature is relevant due to our disconnection. In the modern world, we walk on man made concrete, sit in offices with artificial lights, and drive cars that exhaust pollutants in the air. This is a stark difference from our ancestors who rarely even wore shoes and walked everywhere. Since we would look like hippies if we tried to live like our ancestors to feel the benefits of nature there are a few things we can do to make sure the world given to us is never taken for granted.

Close up of Maya Otsoko

Notice Your Surroundings

I like take walks and when I do, I like to survey the wonderful aspects of nature. That could include watching birds fly by, looking at shy squirrels scurry for a hiding place, or simply looking up to the clouds. If possible, try to find three things that you notice in nature a day.

You might not believe me, but reflecting on nature may give you a better knowledge of self. Reflecting on nature can lead to the reflection of your own attitude and values for life. The way you experience the word can also depend on your own self worth and its connection to the things around you. We all have a shared place in nature, and we don’t get to realize it until we immerse ourselves in it.