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The Link Between Sex and Stress

The link between sex and stress is pretty strong, especially for men. A lot of stress during the day can cause a low libedo at night. There’s also a good aspect in that link. Having sexy could be a great stress reliever.

In an Arizona State University (of course) study on 58 middle-aged women, researchers found that sexual behavior with partners predicted low amounts of negative mood and stress. Simply put, sex can put women in a good mood. If you’re a significant other of these women, follow my logic. Not only does sex lead to less stress, but less stress leads to more sex. It’s a cycle of bliss in and out of the bedroom. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that relationship?

How well does sex perform with stress response, or how well we respond to stressful situations like public speaking? In another study, researchers used blood pressure as a measure of stress. They found that people who recently performed intercourse tended to have lower baseline blood pressures. They performed better in stressful situations. In another study that used cortisol levels and heart rate as a measure of stress saw that women presented less stress response after positive physical contact.

Why Does Sex Make Us Stress Less?

It’s not the biggest part of sex, but orgasms usually put our bodies in a relaxed state. The breathe and deep breething also plays a role in relaxation. Think about breathing and what is done with mediation. Sex comes with so much more benefits that you can’t do in a single session. You also get the great benefit of human touch. Massages are known to already be good for relaxation. The last benefit other than the feel good hormones that released, is a good exercise. Not only will exercise get you toned, but it’s also a great way to release stress. With sex, you’re taking all these benefits and sharing it with your special partner.