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The Importance of Having a Broader Perspective

I would consider myself a deep thinker. I’m the type of person who can take one topic and dive deeper than most people are willing to go. When it comes to my opinion on things it usually comes from a deep perspective. I like this about me, but the issue that I have is that I tend to go deep on negative feelings as well. I tend to think longer about negative emotions than I should. The pandemic has allowed that to be the case, but now that we are looking to get back together, I think it’s only right that I broaden my perspective.

The reason why having a broad perspective is necessary for me is because it increases tolerance. One of the things I struggle with is frustration. I’m trying not to make assumptions at all, but I don’t want to make assumptions that could be destructive. I don’t want dislike a person based on a perception that may not be correct. Whatever correct even means.

We all have different beliefs. These beliefs are influenced by are experiences with school, work, home, religion, and anything else that comes with living this life. There’s 7 billion people on this planet. Each experience is as unique as a snowflake. Yet we believe that our perception is a true source. Even in the same situation, our opinions are really different. I joked with my friend that we can all be in auditorium watching a talk and everyone leaving will come out learning something totally different.

I don’t want want to make a decision based on my bias alone. My motivation to broaden my perspective. I follow things deeply because I enjoy the subject and I don’t want to remain ignorant. Why not do the same for people? I may not get to know a person deeply, but if I have the perspective of the collective, I can make an informed decision about the person.

How to Have a Broader Perspective

The first thing to do in order to gain a broader perspective is to be open to other people. I may have an opinion and someone may hold a different one. In the past, I’d argue. I’m actually happy that habit is gone for the most part. I try to stay open to people’s opinions without downgrading my own. That doesn’t mean that I will agree. Patience is the key for me to realize what is being said and maybe then I would have a change of heart. I think everyone has the right to elaborate on their perspective without fear. We would all be better for it when we tend to listen to our differences.

The next thing to do is be inclusive. It’s hard in a world that wants more inclusiveness in business, but can’t seem to have the same energy for any political occurrence. I hate politics for that reason. The only thing it’s good for is pitting people against each other. Yes, you will find people who share the same beliefs as you. You will also find people who are in direct opposition. Exchanging our perspectives have nothing do with who’s right and who’s wrong. What’s best is learning from the other perspective to see if their is a solution that involves both.

The last thing for me to accomplish in order to have a broader perspective is to listen. Listen to understand, not just wait for my turn to talk. Having a broader perspective takes empathy. I should really be interested in the other opinion because it may give me something to learn. It may be a perspective that I’ve never would have thought to take on my own. It also tells the other person that I respect that person, even if their opinions differs from mine.