The Benefits of Taking Calculated Risks

Before we get started with this article, I just want to point out that it’s not enough to just take risks. If you want to take a risk, they have to be thought out prior to jumping in. A calculated risk is a risk that weighs the outcomes and avoids and unwise decision. In summary, don’t do something stupid.

Now let’s get into the actual benefit, which is quite simple. It is really the learning potential that comes with taking calculated risks. Taking these risks allows you to make mistakes, which will then allow you to learn from those mistakes. The more you make these decisions, the easier it becomes. The important thing here is not become obsessed with the mistake. A successful person is secure in their imperfection and handle their mistakes with grace.

The Reason Why People Don’t Take Risks

The main reason why people don’t take calculated risks is shame. I recently read Tribes by Seth Godin and makes a profound point in his book. People aren’t afraid of failure. They are afraid of being judged.

No one wants to be embarrassed, so we start asking questions and create fantasies in our head of the worst possible outcomes. The key is to be objective with this fear. Ask yourself if the things that are in your mind actually real. A better question to ask yourself is, “If I commit to this risk, will I be happy of the outcome?”

If someone laughs at your idea, and you are okay with it, it shouldn’t stop you from achieving what you set out to do. It may hurt temporarily, but the fulfillment of your venture is much greater than any humiliation.