Old books

Replacing Social Media with a Book

Every thought about what you did before you had a phone to check all of your notifications. The answer to that is probably watch television. What would you do if you were in a waiting room at a dentist office, or waiting for your food at a restaurant. You’d probably be bored. Now, we just whip out our phones and check what our foodie friend is having for breakfast.

Even though social media keeps us more connected as a group, it is also the same medium that makes it easy to lose connection with our individuality. If you don’t know by now, I have nothing against social media, but I’m here for us using it in moderation. I implore you. While you are waiting for your appointment, or alone in a cafe, why not take out a book to read instead of scrolling through your timeline.

Need a way to make that substitution from phone to book? Try ebooks. You can easily buy ebooks on Amazon and use the Kindle, or if you’re cheap like me, use your local library. I’m sure they also have an ebook program you can sign up for. This way, when you take out your phone, you don’t go for the Instagram app. You open your ebook app and read onto the next chapter.