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Negative Thoughts Have a Great Effect On Your Well Being

A mind is a powerful tool. You’ve probably heard that numerous times, but never really put into perspective what that really means. Have you ever just taken the time to observe your thoughts? What do you typically think about? If you do take the time to observe what you are thinking, and your thoughts are primarily negative, it’s a good thing. You now have the opportunity to change your thinking.

Your thoughts are powerful because your thoughts become your emotions. If you typically have negative thoughts, you’ll have negative emotions that are associated with those thoughts. Thoughts like “No one likes me” or “Why am I such a loser?” can affect your emotion. Especially if you think these thoughts a majority of the time.

That’s not to say that you cannot have these types of thoughts periodically. It’s actually pretty normal to have these thoughts. To continue to harbor this way of thinking can lead to detrimental emotions such as depression and anxiety.

Let’s go to the next level of why thoughts are so powerful. If thoughts affect your emotions, then emotions affect your behavior. If you’re sad all the time, you may not have the motivation to do… well anything. You may not be able to carry on a good relationship because of how you feel inside. That starts to affect the people around you. All this because of how you think.

How to Change Your Thoughts

The awareness that your thoughts affect your behavior is step one. You’ve made it this far. This is going to take a long time, so be committed to the process. If you are struggling with negative thoughts, make sure you write them down. Once you write down that negative thought, write a concurrent affirmation that negates the negative comment you just wrote down. For example, “I’m not good enough” turns into “I’m worthy.”

Now that you have your affirmation, say it to yourself whenever that negative thought creeps up. Making your voice overcome your thoughts will eventually drown out your thoughts. From there you can start thinking more positively.