Happy moments together. Happy young couple embracing and smiling while sitting on the pier near the lake

Love is Always Worth the Risk

I don’t think there is love without risk. When it comes to relationships we don’t know what risks to take because we’re initially afraid of failure. More than likely this person makes you vulnerable, so there’s also fear of being hurt. We love the person we are with and don’t want anything bad to happen. Maybe it’s the case where you’ve been hurt before and you don’t want it to happen again with the new love interest. Even though every result might not give you the expectation you would want, I think it is still worth the risk.

The fact that you feel vulnerable with a certain someone means that the relationship is worth the risk. The decisions we make wouldn’t be risks if the person meant nothing to us. We are filled with so much anxiety trying to figure out when is the right time to have our first kiss or even fumbling over words just to ask a person out. These are times when you feel the most vulnerable to emotional hurt. Confidence grows when you know that the person won’t hurt you.

We have to be willing to get hurt, knowing that the hurt won’t be permanent and also knowing that there will be other opportunities. Also know that love needs more than one person. If you are willing to pour out your feelings, know that the other person must be willing to listen. Anything worth doing is never easy.