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Is Your Life Built on a Strong Foundation?

I’m slowly developing a principle that will allow me to move in the world. A part of it comes from these pretty personal blog posts that you all get to see. In reflection, I’ve realized that I’ve hade plenty of different beliefs that come and go. Some of them are things that I should base myself in, but become fleeting. Others are strong opinions that I probably shouldn’t have. These beliefs are fleeting because I never really established a set of principles and values that keep me steady. When change comes like a hurricane, my values and beliefs can also change as well. That’s not to say evolution is a bad thing. I’ve just come to realize that I have to have my own north star to point to in order to make those changes.

It’s very interesting that I would go into a big shift in life while trying to birth a brand at my former job. I preached so much about leaning into the uncertainty of not knowing what we would do, but knowing that if an opportunity came our way, we’d have a north star that we can check before making that decision. In reflection, I’ve realized how uncanny the comparison of creating a brand and my own life. The worst thought is, how I can I be the evangelist in this type of thinking when I haven’t really done it for myself.

Every Action We Take is a Choice

As a Kanye fan, I kind of feel weird saying this, but it’s true. We make millions of decisions from when we wake until we go to sleep. Life is just a culmination of all the choices that we’ve made. How crazy is it to think of life in that way? The thing about life is that there is also a lot of uncertainty. It feels like any external event can blow our house away like the big bad wolf if we don’t have a stable foundation. In a world where change is constant all around us, we need a way to stay grounded.

Now that we know that we need a foundation, the question is what do we build on? Most people tend to base their foundation on their values, religious traditions, and mindset. If you haven’t read my posts, you’ll know that I’m trying to build my foundation on love, or what the Greeks call agape; sacrificial love. I believe that in order to gain life, you must lose it. This has been taught to me plenty of times, but there’s a difference between having knowledge and having understanding.

Building Your Own Foundation

I can’t tell you how to create your own foundation. I’m not the type of author that will give you 12 rules to life. What I can tell you to do is find your why. Once you are aware of why you are doing something, how to do it comes with more clarity. I think one of the reasons why I started this blog was to find my foundation with these core aspects of life. A foundation is built on strong values in mindset, spirituality, and body.

When it comes to our state of mind, we have to focus on positivity in a world that makes it easy to build on negativity. Again, choosing positivity is a choice. A hard choice for me, and maybe a lot of us especially during this era of the pandemic. Reparenting has been helpful in this sense. Thinking of myself as a younger child and giving myself the grace that may not be present from others when mistakes are made. Optimism is also something we can definitely use more of. There will always be two ways of looking at any situation. Don’t let your animal instincts lead you down the wrong path. This is why we have a mind.

Our thoughts become actions and our actions become habits. I know my foundation of love isn’t going to instant, but I’m counting on this to be my process. Of course, I have to control my thoughts, but from there I have to choose the right actions based on my thoughts. I know that these actions are going to be tough, but much like working out at the gym, working out this mind muscle will become easier the more that I do it. The more that I do it, the more that it’s instilled into my being.

Don’t Let the Winds of Life Blow You Over

Collectively, we’re going through a tough time. I’ve feel like I’ve lost a lot in these past couple of years. Just like any storm that we see in the weather app, the storms we have in life are impermanent. This too shall past. The way it pasts in a sense where we have control is if we let the storm roll pass us knowing we are secure in our own morals and values. In a life full of uncertainty, make sure you have a your north star to point to.