Vietnamese Young Couple Doing Nothing Home

Being Silent Could Boost Your Brain Power

I think you read this from here, almost every time I write a new blog post. Our world is so “go, go, go.” We place a lot of emphasis on taking action, and if we aren’t doing something, we are doing nothing. As if nothing was a bad thing. The absence of something is very uncomfortable for us.

Silence is actually one of the healthy things you can do to ease yourself and your mind. Instead of hastily making a decision, we make smarter ones by just taking the time to think, or even not thinking about the situation. This is why practices like meditation and yoga are so prevalent.

In a study done at Duke University, researchers showed that quiet actually improves memory and awareness. Two hours of silence a day produces cell development in the hippocampus, the region in the brain that formulates memory.

In your daily grind of meetings, deadlines, and social hours remember to give yourself time to do absolutely nothing. This could mean taking a short nap or scheduling some time to be in a quiet room. We don’t always have to do something to be fulfilled. It needs to be balanced with doing nothing at all.