A Letter to My Loved Ones

I feel like I’m distant from my family in a way that most families aren’t supposed to be. I feel like I get judged by not being as responsive or communicative as a family member would be to another. I don’t really feel like I have ties to people outside of my immediate family because […]

What is Lucid Dreaming and How Do You Control Them?

Lucid dreaming is simply the ability to know that you are dreaming when you are dreaming. Once one realizes that they are in a dream, he/she can explore and even manipulate aspects of the dream. Usually the realization of dreaming comes with some sort of trigger. Maybe you’re dreaming that you’re on a paradise island, […]

How to Add Value in Any Relationship

Adding value to any relationship is pivotal no matter if you’re in a romantic relationship or working with co-workers. You wouldn’t want to be a partner who always takes and never gives. You hear that a relationship should be 50/50, but I kind of disagree with this notion. Wouldn’t be great if all parties were […]

Download My New Album, The Day We Get Free

19% of the proceeds go to Feeding America to help food banks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Do Acrylic Nails at Home

Nowadays, plain nails on a woman’s hands don’t look good and also makes their outfit look drab and lifeless. These days the hot trend is of acrylic nails and it is very evident that women have been keeping up with this trend. However, getting acrylic nails professionally done from a professional cost a fortune. For […]

5 Ways to Straighten Your Hair

Straight hair is convenient, pretty and stylish for all weathers. The problem lies in the tools which are used for straightening and many people consider the straightening tools to produce the damaging effects on hair. However, if you use proper products, equipment and techniques then you can get this perfect look without any destruction to […]

2 female models in trendy pajamas

10 Style Tips to Wear Pajama Pants

Fashion is no stranger to unconventional trends. Every fashionista is well aware that at any minute any kind of weird trend could pop up. But perhaps this trend isn’t weird, maybe this is the trend we have all been secretly waiting for: pajamas pants! Everyone knows how comfortable pajamas are; why wouldn’t you want to […]

10 Beautiful Girls in K-Pop

When we think of K-pop girls, the very first picture that comes to our minds is of Barbie dolls. They are popular for their fair skin- complexion, dyed hair and a funky dressing style. With k-pop becoming globally popular, girls from around the world look up to these Korean beauties as their idols and there’s […]