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What is God Like? A Very Hard Question to Answer

I know I have no qualifications of describing God. This blog post pretty much means nothing, because I have no knowledge of what God could be, or whether a God exists. I believe in a higher power, that much I know. With that being said, this is who God is to me. I just hope I’m just a little right.

God With Us

I truly believe that everything that’s nature is God, or God is within. When I look into the sky and see the birds fly, I’m reminded by the beauty that the world gives us. I see the God in everything that isn’t man made. This is why I like to go hiking. The trees , the animals, the ground, and even water allows me to bask in God’s creations. Every time I’m in nature, I feel like I’m with God.

I also try to see God with people . This one is a little hard because everyone is different. I don’t inherently think that people are evil. People are just a product of their environment and their experience. Hitler didn’t grow up wanting to be Hitler. I really want to see the innocent baby in which we all started from. In that case, I try to see the God in each individual. With seeing God in everyone, it helps me to treat everyone with respect and love. I don’t (or try not to) treat someone different because they look different than me, or think different than me. Everyone’s the same and everyone is divine. Namaste

God Above Us

I have a dual belief when it comes to God. Not only is He (don’t know what pronoun I should use so I’m using the most common) a God that is with me all day, every day, He is also a God that defies time and space. God is the creator of the heavens and the earth. I’m not one to take the Bible literal, but as a way to learn through the stories told. I don’t think the world was created in 7 days, but I do believe that a higher being above our consciousness created it.

The depiction of God in the mainstream is this bald white dude with a grey beard that floats in the clouds. Maybe I watch too much Family Guy. Michaelangelo’s The Creation of Man is basically a dude touching the finger of another dude. This depiction of God is not what I believe in because it’s very limiting. It also shows how limiting our human brain is to think that the everlasting God looks like you or me. I think the limiting nature that we have towards God makes it easy for people to just not believe.

This God is very hard to describe because I don’t have the wisdom to try to figure it out. This is the God most people go to church to try to figure out. I don’t know if it’s possible because of how expansive He is and how complex even believing a God like this could exist. This is why we have a faith. I have faith in a God that is with me in the moment, but also knows my past and future. He knows every thread of hair on my head. That’s a pretty powerful God.