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The Very Difficult Art of Detachment

One of the things that I’m doing to access more love in my life is to detach from things that aren’t providing that for me. I don’t really have control over my situation, but I do have control over how I react. I’ve been on a journey to find love. I think people think I’m looking for a relationship when I say love. It’s what we’ve designated that word to be. When I speak of love, I’m talking about the highest form of love. It’s a pure and sacrificial love. A love that’s so hard to achieve because there are just so many distractions vying for our attention.

As I look around my apartment filled with things, I’ve noticed that we are all filled with attachments. It doesn’t necessarily mean we are rich, or that we even have a lot of stuff. It just means that we have made it to a level of security that makes it very hard for us to just give away. We work jobs at a certain salary. If given the chance to do what we love with a lower salary, it’s hard not accept that as a loss. I would say that a lot of my grief is due to attachment and losing what I once had.

What Do We Value?

I think the issue is that I value the things that won’t get me closer to love as much as or even more than love. So yeah, it’s very easy to dismiss a job that we love if we don’t feel like we are being acknowledged. We can dismiss a job if we don’t think we are being paid well. I’ve come to realize that none of that is important. I want to do things not because it brings me money, or allows me to sit comfortably in my apartment. I want to do it because it allows me to sacrifice my time and my abilities for something I love; for people that I love.

Drew Williams Vs. the World

It’s very hard to detach because the world tells us every day who we should be, and what we want. It tells us stories about unattainable relationships that we should has our own goals. The world shows us exactly what we need to see to keep up with the Jones’s. It enlists influencers every day to help us get further and further away from what we are supposed to be. It also promotes a work culture where everyone is supposed to love what they do and who they work for. Some people are just trying to fulfill their duties and head home to more important matters.

I used to care about things like title. Now I don’t. I used to care about money. Now I don’t. I made good money as a Director of Digital Marketing. That only lasted 4 months. I don’t want to care about things that don’t last forever. I’m on a journey for happiness, but aware that I can’t attach myself to just anything because that happiness will fade. I just have one goal. Right now I just want to find the love where I am. How does one do it when the world is telling you to look toward so many other things.

My One and Only Goal

The idea is to put more value on the things that I can’t see rather than the obligations that are in front me. The love that I give to the person who needs it is going to far outweigh any task that I have to do at work to finish a project. That loving feeling, I hope, will compound as an example for that person to treat others. I hope, in this way, I that I contribute to the greater good of humankind. When i purchase things, or work for a paycheck. I want to make sure that my work is furthering the spread of love. Anything further from this, and I know I won’t feel aligned with my purpose.

I don’t care who they are. I don’t want to attach to who they are. The only thing I care about is showing love. This is a part of my spiritual journey, so please don’t read this and tell me I’m a hypocrite. I’m learning. This is the end goal for me.