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The Routine I Use to Stay Grounded

There are a few things that I do that try to stay grounded while working through stress throughout the day. Work and other priorities are not my idea of relaxation, but there are more than just those 8 hours of the day for me to relax and have some me time. I’ll just give you a little a glimpse into what I do.

Morning Routine

I wake up at 5:30 to get into work pretty early. Before doing anything that has remotely do with work. I read. I read something that speaks to my soul specifically. It could be a bible verse, or a chapter from on of my favorite spiritual authors.

From there I meditate. It’s not a normal meditation. I don’t have too much time to get ready so I mediate in the shower. My shower is pretty normal, but at the end of the shower I change the temperature to cold. I stay in the cold water for 10 minutes, while thinking about what I just read. It’s something I hate and love at the same time.

After a shower, I do some foam rolling. It’s a bit of a massage that energizes me for the the beginning of the day. Other than those unique things, I do all the hygienic things, put some clothes, and I’m off to work.

Evening Routine

After work, or when the day is about to finish, I typically do some type of exercise. It could be going to the gym, taking a walk, or doing yoga. It really depends on how I feel. When I hit the gym, my favorite thing to do is to mediate in the sauna. That’s another 10 minutes of being in heat instead of cold as though it were the morning. Exercise and mediation is a great way for me to sweat off all the stress of the day.

Once I’m home, I typically watch a little Netflix, but soon after I’m reading another book. I want to get to the point where I’m just reading fiction at night, but I still want to learn. I think I’m going to have to save some time to read during the day if I want to accomplish this. After the book, I make myself some hot chocolate with Reishi mushroom. It’s a nice way to calm down before actually going to sleep.