a woman recording herself with a smartphone while eating

Becoming an Inspiration, Not an Influencer

I believe I’m the most helpful when I can inspire. I don’t do the research or learn the skills just so you can be impressed with me. That’s not the goal at all. The goal is for you to see an example of what could be so that you too can know of its possibilities. Think back on all the people that have been helpful to you. Do you remember what they did? Chances are that’s a no. You do remember how they made you feel. They gave you a spark. That sense of inspiration that whatever you need to do can be accomplished. The actual deed means very little in comparison to the impact it had on your life. Why not do the same thing for others?

The thing about being helpful is that you may not get the glory. Do it regardless. We’re not all here trying to be Instagram influencers. I’ve spent a good number of years following the advice of people who looked good giving it, but the advice wasn’t substantial. With the new worldview, just about all the advice that I received was worthless. I followed fitness influencers who would give me advice on nutrients, workouts, and what equipment I should buy. This was way before I realized that my body was meaningless. I’ve removed a good amount of people from my Twitter feed and started looking for love influencers. If you know of any, let me know because I’m unsure where to find them.

Being influential implies separation. It means that I have all the answers and my job is to give to you who are ignorant of all that I know. Please don’t call me an influencer. It implies that I am better than you. I’m at the level that you want to be and I have all the answers for you to get there. I’m learning as you are. I don’t have the answers. I hope that you can find my experience and these revelations as inspirations for your own.