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African american relaxed woman sitting on comfortable couch in living room at modern home holds air conditioner remote control enjoying breathing fresh cool air at summer or warm air at winter season

Lessons Learned from Living Alone

Nobody wants to be alone, but there are actually plenty of benefits to living by yourself. There’s no doubt that it can be lonely, but you get to learn a lot more about yourself. Living alone gives us a better understanding of ourselves and improving our relationships with others. A Better Relationship with Friends and […]

African girl communicating through a tin

The Lost Skill of Empathic Listening

We have conversations that probably end up in arguments because we don’t do a good job of empathic or active listening. Empathic listening is a way of listening and responding to another person that improves mutual interesting and trust. Each person has the opportunity accurately interpret the message of the other person, and respond appropriately. […]