GoFit Extreme Massage Go Roller


  • The GoFit Extreme 13 Inch Go Roller, featuring the new UltraFin Core, exclusive egg crate pattern, and super firm foam is a condensed size, ideal for both pre and post workouts!
  • DENSITY – The GoFit Extreme 13 Inch Go Roller holds up to 50% more weight than traditional “hollow” foam rollers and the UltraFin Core prevents flexing and breaking of the inner core.
  • RELIEF – The exclusive egg crate design on the GoFit Extreme 13 Inch Go Roller provides deep tissue massage, pulverizing trigger point areas for maximum relief.
  • GREAT FOR – The GoFit Extreme 13 Inch Go Roller is great for helping your body to improve blood circulation throughout your skin, fasica, muscles, and even tendons and ligaments!
  • MANUAL – In the included Training Manual, you’ll find effective exercises for all types of deep tissue muscle recovery and unique strength-training moves you just can’t do using standard rollers.


Product Overview

If you were anything like me when I first heard and saw massage rollers you could be mistaken to think they are a cheap and easy way to give yourself a sports massage I was very skeptical to say the least. Whilst a lot of us like feeling sore after a workout as it makes us feel like we’ve worked hard, it can actually be damaging to our recovery and performance. Recovery is just as important as working out, so feeling a little bit achy the day after is fine, but there’s nothing worse than going into your session still feeling like you haven’t recovered from the last session.

The GoFit extreme massage roller contains molded bumps in a familiar egg-crate design to really press into the areas that need it. You can use the roller to target your legs, back, sides, arms, and really any large surface of your body.

Pros and Cons

The design of the GoFit Muscle Roller is extremely effective as the bumps are designed to be harder than muscle, but softer than the bone so that they can really target problem muscle tissue whilst avoiding any parts of the spine. As well as this, there are equal gaps between each bump to continually release and press tension into the muscle tissue. Instead of rolling, you can also hold the bumps into the tight areas in order to really dig in and release pressure.

Yet, the obvious downside to this foam roller is that there’s no difference in the surface. Other foam rollers with have large and small bumps as well as different styles of ridges, helping to apply the exact amount of pressure necessary whilst specifically targeting the problem area.

Product Description and Benefits

  • Designed to emulate sports massages and conduct trigger point therapy
  • Firm and flexible ridges and bumps to help to release pressure, knots, and tightness
  • Molded foam
  • Comes with training manual


You can use the foam roller before and after your workouts as well as during your rest days to help with recovery during sessions.

Before your workout, use the foam roller actively to release any knots or tightness that might affect your range of motion and performance. When doing this, it’s important to keep moving in order to direct blood flow to the muscles you’re targeting for that session.

After your session, you can use the foam roller to help ease tightness ahead of when it starts causing pain. For instance, if you’ve done a large volume of squats, then rolling out your quads and glutes after your session can help to reduce the DOMS you feel in the days afterwards as well as speed up your recovery time. For these, you can be a bit more static and really press into the muscle.

On the days that you don’t train, then you can use the massage roller to release any tightness or issues in your muscles as and when you need. You can also use it to aid in your flexibility and range of motion ahead of other sessions or to aid recovery in the days after one.

Product Specifications   

  • Comes in 13 or 18 inch sizes
  • Comes in black or lime green colour
  • Height of 6.30 inches
  • Weight of 1.04 kilograms
  • Width of 6.30 inches


Whilst this massage roller can be effective, it’s simple design is also a hindering factor. The constant ridges mean that there’s nothing distinguishing the way in which your muscles are hit apart from the pressure you apply. Including other styles of ridges in terms of height, weight, and shape can mean that you can hit the muscle and tightness from other angles which allows for you to easily adapt based upon your situation.

The Go Fit extreme massage roller is simple and to the point. If you’re looking for a clean, easy, and effective massage roller to use, then this is a great choice. Yet, if you want something with more components and angles to it, then you’re better off going for something with different styles of bumps and ridges.


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