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Why You Should Have Your Own Opinion

Sometimes having your own opinion means being vulnerable. There might be a situation where the people around you don’t want you to have your own opinion because it may be contrary to their own. It may also feel like sharing in the opinions of others.

It’s kind of how we were raised. We never really had an opinion growing up. We just followed the crowd. Even if you felt like you were a non-conformer in high school, you were still conforming to the anti. There was a way of doing it and everybody did it that way. We have an innate need to be liked, so going against the grain just won’t work.

Think for Yourself

There will come a time will you be tired of living under someone else’s rules. This is why it’s important to have your own opinion. It’s important to know who you are in your head and your heart before you hear the perspective. If you stick with your convictions, you’ll grow in confidence. It has nothing to do with being correct. It’s your perspective, meeting another perspective, giving you a chance to further learn. You will never learn if your opinion stays bottled up. Defending your position gives you the realization of how deeply your opinion is rooted and how much you care about a certain subject.

One reason why we don’t share our opinion sis because we are afraid of ridicule. The problem with this is that people are not giving you the right to have an opinion. It doesn’t matter what position you hold, or where you feel like you are in the social status. You shouldn’t allow anyone to bring you down because you simply have your own perspective about something.

Having an opinion is totally different than trying to win an argument. You can have an opinion and also respect the opinion of others. You don’t have, or should not even feel the need to bring someone to your side. An argument is simply a place to learn another perspective. If you agree with that perspective, you can change your mind. If you do not, you have the right to keep your perspective, just as they have a right to keep theirs. At the very least you learned something that you probably would have never thought of while taking your position.

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