Quick Mediterranean Diet Recipes for 2019

If you have been following meal plan awards over the years, then you know why the Mediterranean diet is popular and is ranked among the top. It is linked to reduced heart diseases and enhancement of most parts of the body. The best part about this diet is you can make it a lifestyle and never feel the deprivation.  While it can have healthy effects on your weight, this is not the primary goal of the Mediterranean diet. The aim is to help you include healthy fats in your body and focus on whole grains as well as fresh produce.

If you find the word diet depriving or scary, this is not one of them. Actually, you will find planning your meals more interesting. Sticking to a Mediterranean diet makes you long for meal times.

Here are some easy Mediterranean diet ideas to incorporate in your meal plans:


hummus with pita bread

You can flavor your sandwich and salads in less than 10 minutes.  Previously, it was a shelved product and rare to find. Obviously, rare means expensive. There is no standard for making Hummus, if you have to make it as a dip or spread, the contents will be different. It offers you all the flexibility and creativity in the kitchen. You don’t have to eat the sandwiches in the traditional and boring manner.

Hummus can be taken at any time of the day. Mediterranean natives take it even in the morning. It is long lasting just as chickpeas, which might take you a whole day to prepare.

Quinoa Stuffed Pepper

Quinoa stuffed pepper

If you want the modern flare on your table, this diet is a great option. It is not only healthy but attractive. It is about customizing your whole grains with pepper. First, you need to learn the art of stuffing pepper; after you are convinced all the pepper contents are well integrated and part of the process, take any preferred whole grains and surprise your family.

Another option of topping the Mediterranean chips is the use of sauces.  You can either include hummus or tzatziki sauces or tahini as a dresser. The pepper halves can be baked in an oven as a quick measure. If you want a weeknight meal, consider scooping pepper halves at least a day before.

Orzo with Feta, Olives, Tomatoes, and Dill

Orzo with Feta, Olives, Tomatoes, and Dill

The mentioned ingredients, in this case, are only suggestions, there is no rigidity in preparation of Orzo. It all depends on the availability of ingredients and your creativity. In fact, you can change it every day to suit your liking. Even if it is about changing color on your plate, as long as you don’t take long. Orzo is popular because of its fast preparation technique. Also, the tomatoes and olives are pleasant to many.

It is more about the looks; there is no standard preparation time. It is ready if the appearance of it is a nice combination of ingredients. Consider in-season produces to save on money. Also, consider pasta salad to save on money.

Grilled Eggplant Salad

Grilled Eggplant Salad

This is not like any other traditional salad where the same things are thrown in randomly for a quick meal. Grilling has an effect on the vegetable flavor. Pepper is the main ingredient in the flavoring idea; adding bell pepper to the base not only changes the flavor but also improves texture. Also, you free to add olive oil, fresh herbs, and pine nuts to enhance the taste.

It is easy to prepare grilled eggplant salad because the ingredients are readily available in local markets. Summer is a good time to shop for the produces, you can keep as much as you want and enjoy your 2-minute salad every day of the year. It is affordable.

Vegetable Frittata

Vegetable Frittata

You only need a few eggs to make a meal. Everyone will love it; it is popular at end of weeks because anything you think is going bad in the refrigerator or the refrigerator is simply calling for shopping, this is a great option. It is a quick meal setup that gives you the opportunity to think of what to buy and where to shop. You don’t need more than one skillet, everything goes into one pan. The number of eggs determines the quantity of your meal. Any number if eggs are appropriate; whether you are two people or alone, this can make a fine quick meal.

This is basic preparation style; you can explore your creativity by adding fresh herbs and parsley to enhance the flavor. Chives can also be used to change the appearance of your meal. It is suitable for Sunday brunch. It can also be a quick and healthy option for your lunch throughout the week. The meal is not only healthy but also affordable. Besides, it saves you time.

Mediterranean Socca Pizza

Vegetable Frittata

This is not any other pizza with white flour, the pizza is a product of chickpea flour. The health benefits, in this case, are immense; chickpea is high in proteins and fiber. Whether you are on diet or not, this is important for the body. Digestion and respiratory systems will be enhanced with a consistent intake of this pizza.

Just like you top the pizza crust, this socca allows you to add pesto and tomatoes and any other vegetables you prefer.

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