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It’s What You Eat, Not How Much You Eat

Are you trying to lose weight and have hit a plateau? Tired and feel like you have no energy at 3 pm in the afternoon? Are you eating the right portion sizes every 2 hours and still not dropping any weight? This is definitely the article for you.

Eating more to lose weight is it even possible you may say? his method is just another tool that can aid in fat loss and also help you build lean muscle. Depending on the results you want to achieve, which may vary from person to person. You may just want to lean up and don’t really care about getting that six pack look. If you do want to trim down and get that six-pack, you will have to make a change.

What will it take to lose that stubborn belly fat?

I remember my personal training telling me a huge secret that changed the way I train. He said, “If you want to sculpt your body and lose that unwanted belly fat and build more lean muscle. “80-85% of what you do is food or diet related and how much you eat, Calories in versus calories out. 10-15% is weight training and the rest say about 5% is supplements and other things.”

Weight Training

Another tip is hypertrophy training with max reps including compound moves, deadlifts, squats and bench presses. A four day a week training schedule is preferred. One day you could focus on legs. Another day, you could focus on chest and back. The next day could be deadlifts with some accessory muscles. The fourth day you can combine the large muscle groups in again.

Targeting the muscle areas twice a week will help with the muscle mass you desire. Another tip that compliments weight training is intermittent fasting. It’s free to do and will not cost you anything to try.

Carbs and Sugars

Rightfully so, These two foods have gotten a lot of bad press over the years. By now you should be aware that sugar in the bloodstream spikes your insulin levels. The average person eats around 31 teaspoons which equals 140 poundsof sugar a year. Our bodies are not designed to consume the amount of sweets and sugar we consume today. Limiting sugar and other simple carbohydrates can force your body to use stored fat instead of glucose for energy.

One of the major reasons you don’t want to consume too much sugar is that it turns into glucose quickly. This causes your blood sugar level to spike, releasing insulin to move glucose into your cells. All the glucose that your cells don’t use immediately for energy is stored as fat. All types of sugars, including natural sugars such as fruits and starchy vegetables, along with foods made from refined flour such as bread and pasta, will quickly raise your blood sugar.

Another reason to avoid these foods is when insulin is present it will stop and block human growth hormone. Human growth hormone protects muscle and aids in building lean muscle mass which also helps in losing fat.


Ketosis is the natural metabolic process the body uses to burns stored fats as its fuel source instead of glucose. Ketones are a better alternative fuel source for the body to run on then sugar or glucose. When you’re in ketosis your body is in the state of making ketones. Ketosis lowers your insulin levels so, in the absence of insulin, your body is in burning fat mode.

The Eating Plan

Eating more carbohydrates in moderation of course can cause fat loss and aid in muscle gain. The type of food to eat more of would protein such as meat and plant-based proteins. good fats such as avocados and nuts, and plenty of vegetables. These foods are simply suggestions that you can eat instead of the over processed sugary foods that are available today.

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