How to Cure Hypothyroidism Naturally Through Diet and Yoga

Thyroid hormones are integral. Tissue repair, growth, and metabolism activities are largely influenced by the hormone. Insufficiency of these hormones often leads to hair loss, uneven body temperatures, fatigue, and weight gain among other complications. The condition is known as Hypothyroidism. While everyone is prone to the effects, women are at a higher risk.

Natural treatment

girl eating healthy food

Various causes to Hypothyroidism necessitate different treatment techniques. But just like all other body complications, nothing beats natural therapy techniques. Typically, the foods we eat and activities we engage in on a daily basis influence our body functions.

Besides natural food, yoga and diet are effective treatment techniques for Hypothyroidism.

Thyroid gland is an extremely sensitive part of the body; if you are experiencing any kind of stress, this should be your first worry. Any mild levels of stress are likely to affect thyroid hormones activity in the body. With the increasing life demands and pressure in the 21st century, stress is almost unavoidable; you are likely to live in worry every day of the week. This is why you need to learn Yoga.

The breathing techniques and relaxation tips help the mind to establish a stable line. Instability in any of the body functions and systems often result in Hypothyroidism. In fact, most people may be suffering from the conditions in different levels but unaware of the effects. Keeping a proper diet and practicing yoga can help you prevent or cure the effects.

How yoga works

girl doing bhujangasana yoga

Most people shy away from the yoga idea because of the techniques. Consciousness of your breathing pattern is one of the yoga tricks; it is about focusing the mind and concentrating on the inhalation and exhalation. When the mind is focused on the breathing patterns and the airway, it is easy to control all other glands. You can control your emotions and perceptions of the world. Of course, you should focus on the positive. If you choose a mantra, it should be linked to an interesting experience that helps you to focus on the bright side of life.

Body position and environment determines effectiveness of Yoga with respect to treating Hypothyroidism. The aim in this case is restoring the thyroid levels to a standard level. Once thyroid hormones are within desired levels, tissue repair and growth features can continue. The whole essence of yoga is restoring normalcy in breathing and flow of fluids, which is crucial in tissue and organ functions.

Yoga can only be effective when practiced consistently. Be disciplined for several weeks with a definite schedule and Hypothyroidism effects will fade away.


photo of tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, and olive oil

Food is an effective technique of managing Hypothyroidism. Most of the symptoms and effects of Hypothyroidism demonstrate nutrition deficiencies. Fatigue and poor concentration are indicators of brain fog that are mainly caused by poor nutrition. Therefore, diet plays a significant role in maintaining thyroid hormone levels.

Cut on caffeine


Instead of reducing, keep off all the carbonated drinks and sweetened foods. Sugar and caffeine have a similar effect on thyroid glands. The hormones operate optimally at neutral level; excess sugar and caffeine compromise on their activity hence instability of the blood sugar levels. If you are a fan of coffee, which many people, are, you have no option other than to quit unless you are trading your health and comfort for coffee.

To help curb the sugar cravings, eat more of refined carbohydrates like flour. The body breaks it down and stores it as sugar. Also, increase intake of non-starchy vegetables.

Increase protein levels

natural sources of protein - milk and almonds

Thyroid hormone production and level is one of the factors. The hormones are of no much help if they are only stored in the thyroid gland. Transportation of thyroids around the body to enhance tissue function and growth patterns is dependent on protein levels. Be sure to include nuts, butter, milk, eggs, and legumes, among other animal proteins. Whether you like the type of proteins or not, you need them at this point if you are affected by Hypothyroidism. Thyroid hormones have to move to all other tissues and body organs to balance body systems and functions.

Increase fat intake


If you are depriving your body of fat and cholesterol, you are sealing your own fate. Fat is the hormonal pathway; even with high protein levels, transportation will be impossible without fats. The hormonal imbalance in various parts of the body could only be because of the hitch in transport system. Of course, you focus on healthy fats to avoid effects on other parts of the body. With fats, you have to be careful in making wise choices; don’t treat Hypothyroidism and develop other body complication to do with artery clogging that will affect the circulatory system.

Healthy fat options include; nut, fish, avocados, ghee, olive oil yoghurt, cheese, and coconut milk products.

Keep off gluten

photo of bread

The thyroid tissue composition is similar to gluten. Increased levels of gluten in the body will create confusion hence autoimmune attack thus inhibiting the thyroid hormones function.

Diet and Yoga are effective in treating Hypothyroidism if you stick to a specific schedule over a significant time.

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