Everything You Need to Know About Atkins Diet

Atkins diet has been popular for the last 40 years for its health benefits. It is a renowned low carb diet with high quality fats and proteins. The diet is characterized by low sugar, grains, and fruits among others. The diet is popular around the world where natives have picked it up differently by integrating their cultural foods. The flexibility in food types attributes to its popularity in the world.

The diet is renowned for its weight loss benefits. It entails vegetables, meat, and butter among other foods considered low-carb to help in reducing calorie levels in the body. Atkins diet is effective if you are committed to the cause and disciplined to follow it consistently. Consulting professionals in nutrition might be a good start before you integrate the diet in your daily life.

While diet is a natural process that any human body should easily adapt, we have different hormonal activity and body reactions hence variance in body organ functions. Nevertheless, Atkins diet is a universal technique of not only dealing with obesity but also enhancing overall health of the body.

About Atkins diet

Effectiveness and duration of witnessing the effects is dependent on willingness and existing weight. The low-carb diet varies widely and leads on varying results depending on your commitment and goals. While a nutritionist may recommend different levels of nutrients to help in shedding of fat most diets are characterized by high protein foods and low starch foods. Cheese and oils are the most common foods in Atkins diet.

The goal of this diet is reducing amount of glucose in the body. Foods with high glucose contents like sweeteners, legumes, grains, and all types of legumes help with cutting down fat. Most of the processed foods and groceries have carbs; experts in the diet help you to focus on seeds and vegetables with low levels of carbs to keep your fat level at manageable levels. Of course, recommendation of Atkins diet is dependent on health needs and individual preference.

Some people have their reservations about diet with regards to side effects. Obviously, not everyone will react the same way to a specific meal plan, but Atkins diet is worth the gamble. Both women and men have potential long term benefits to the body.


Atkins diet is categorized into four phases with respect to weight goals. Your current weight and the target weight determine how fast or slow you will transition through the phases. Also, intensity of the program is also dependent on the variance between existing and targeted weight.


This is the first stage. You are required to eliminate all foods considered to be high in carbs. This is complete elimination; no trace of carbs should be in any of your meals. It is also referred to as a carb-restrictive phase because you might feel the deprivation. The essence of restriction in this first phase is shifting the body’s focus from carbs to fat. The body should start burning fat as a source of energy.

Balancing phase

The goal of this phase is to determine a suitable amount of carbs your body needs without increasing your weight. Usually, experts recommend increasing the carbs ingestion by 5 grams. The phase runs up to two weeks depending on your weight goals. Therefore, you have to increase carb intake in the second phase.

For most people, 30 grams of carbs is enough every day. It neither stops you from losing weight nor allows gaining of weight.  Common foods in this phase include seeds, vegies, nuts, and fruits. Also, assorted vegetables can help in determining appropriate carb level.


The third or fourth week entails adding 10 grams of carbs to your diet. Experts advise taking more of whole grains, fruits, and starchy vegetables to help in monitoring your weight. By the time you get to the third phase, the required carb levels in the body will be evident. It is therefore easy to notice any variations in weight and link it to your diet. The 10 gram program should be on a weekly basis while evaluating effects of the same on your weight. The decision in this case will be based on your weight goals.

Lifetime maintenance phase

This is the final phase where all the calculations make sense and there is a base line. In this case, you are able to eat a variety of foods without gaining or losing weight. The goal of Atkins diet is to allow you enjoy your favorite foods without effect on weight. Of course, you will have the knowledge and understanding on how carbs affect your weight. Knowledge of the required amount of carbs everyday helps you make crucial decisions and plan your meals appropriately.

Of course, it goes back to fruits, healthy fats, meats, oils, healthy carbs, and vegies.

Benefits of Atkins Diet

  • Fast weight loss
  • Helps with reducing cravings and curbing your sweet tooth
  • Regulates insulin activity and blood sugar levels. It is a crucial function for people prone to diabetics because of obesity. Low carbs significantly reduce risk factors related to Diabetes.
  • It improves cognitive performance and concentration in all aspects of life
  • Boosts body energy levels
  • Reduces risks of heart related infections
  • Reduces cancer risks

Atkins diet is a smooth and effective process to permanent health effects.

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