9 Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise

Losing weight takes a lot of work, doesn’t it? And when I say a lot of work, I mean a hell of a lot of work. The process is quite lengthy and can be exhausting both physically and psychically.

So you may be wondering – are there ways you can still lose weight, but not put that much pressure on yourself by doing exercise or going to Gym?

And the answer is – yes, there are.

We’ve handpicked nine ways to lose weight without taking that much pressure.

However, you should be advised to not trust those methods only. You can use them in a combination with your workout plan, or to do it during breaks or when you’re unable to do harder exercises. And, due to the fact that some of the methods have a habitual nature, make sure to include them in your everyday life.


benefits of drinking water

Drinking water on a regular basis can help you lose more weight than you think. If you drink one glass of water before taking a meal, it will help you feel more full – and therefore to not eat that much.

There are even occasions in which you may be dehydrated, but instead feel hunger. This is caused because the body can mix up the signals it’s sending and receiving. So, if you feel hungry – drink a glass of water. If the hunger doesn’t go away in twenty to thirty minutes, at least you won’t eat like a maniac.

Oh, by the way – another method you can use is to put some chia seeds in a glass of water and let it stay there for an hour or so. During that time the chia seeds swell up. Eat this before having your meal – you’ll feel even more satiated and full.

Non-dominant hand

eating with non dominant hand

Another simple trick you can start using immediately is to eat with your non-dominant hand. There are a few things you need to know about to understand why this method is useful.

It usually takes some time for the stomach to signal the brain it’s full. If you finish eating, it would probably take you up to half an hour to understand that you’re full. But if you don’t do so, you’ll keep on eating – and you’ll overeat. And there’s an old saying that goes “Stop eating when you’re still a little hungry” – and that’s exactly to prevent you from overeating.

Eating with your non-dominant hand is quite hard – and takes a while to do so. During this the stomach gets its time to send the signal to the brain – and you feel more satiated sooner. This stops you from overeating and actually causes you to eat less.

Hot water with ginger and lemon

benefits of drinking hot water with lemon and ginger

Now this is quite useful as well. Drink a glass of hot water with ginger and lemon every day, before your first coffee – this neat beverage speeds up your metabolism and clears your intestines. And to make things even better, the lemon and ginger can have a refreshing effect over you.


benefits of breathing

You read this right. There is a certain breathing exercise that can help you lose weight. It is quite simple and it shouldn’t take more than five minutes, so why don’t try it on a regular basis and see how this works for you?

Here is how it goes.

Sit down somewhere with your back straight. Cross your legs and put each of your hands on each of your knees. Shut your eyelids and, when you feel you’ve completely relaxed, take a hard breath in, then out. These should be really big breaths – and make sure to leave a pause between every inhale and exhale.

This exercise stimulates your metabolism and the only thing you need is a comfortable spot and your diaphragm. So it’s worth a shot.

Remove sugar from your diet

Sugar? No thanks. Am sweet enough

Completely. All of it. No carbonated drinks, no sugar in your coffee every morning. You can even replace every type of drink you’re used to with pure water.

Cut off all of the excess sugar you take in and you’ll see the effects in no time.

Get enough sleep

benefits of getting more sleep

Do so. Stress is the biggest factor to slowing down your metabolism. And, as we know, the greatest remedy against all kinds of stress is a good night sleep. Besides speeding your metabolism up in no time, it will help you feel refreshed. Isn’t it awesome?

Dine at 18:00 o’clock

girl eating vegetables at dinner

This should be your last meal of the day. Due to the fact that humans are not nocturnal creatures, our organisms get lazier during night-time, in order to make it easier for you to fall asleep, which means that your metabolism slows down as well. So – don’t place unnecessary burdens on it.

Forget TV dinners

girl watching television with popcorn

Eating while watching television or clips in youtube doesn’t allow you to concentrate on your food – and, as your attention is focused on your screen, you may eat a lot more before you realize it’s too much.

Eat in smaller plates

plates of food

If the plates you eat in are big or normal-sized, switch them to smaller ones. This way, even if you serve yourself the same quantity of food, your brain will be tricked into thinking that you’re eating very, very much – and help you feel fuller sooner.

So there you have it. Nine foolproof methods of losing weight without too much pressure. Go ahead and try some! You won’t be disappointed – this we can guarantee.

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