6 Most Effective Tips to Lose Weight before Wedding

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I know wedding plans are over your head. Wedding planning can be overwhelming and tedious; it is always the case. Whether you are the groom or bride, you have to be proactive to make sure everything runs according to the plans. Probably you have been planning these for months and nothing should go wrong, it will be a disappointment. Of course, you have tasked professionals and friends to help you in different aspects of the wedding but you have to keep on checking to make sure the picture on your mind is on ground.

However, don’t let the planning consume you and forget about grooming yourself. You should be in your best on this day. Everything should be perfect, from the hair to the shoe and any accessories.

One of the ways to prepare for a perfect wedding is losing weight. Of course, you have to begin early depending on your goals. Make sure you are working with a specialist and following all instructions to avoid health complications or any pain and discomfort on the big day. It is time to focus on you, at least achieve this one goal even if one of the service providers disappoints.

Here are some healthy and effective tips.

  1. Begin early

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Just like planning for a wedding, you have to start early if you are concerned about your weight. Avoid jumping into a crash diet program to cut your calories. You are risking more effect on your body other than weight. You will be straining your body and even if you lose the calories, you risk affecting your sleep, quality of hair or constipation among other body system malfunctions that will affect your big day. Don’t find a quick fix; instead, set a goal and work on it consistently.

  1. Make informed choices


Weight loss is not as simple as cutting out bread and sugars. No doubt, a low-carb diet has an impact on your body mass and ultimately weight. However, if you approach it so casually, you will not achieve your desired weight when the wedding day comes. You might be replacing carbs with other carbs or extremely high proteins that have the same impact on your body. Consulting a nutritionist on a specific diet program will help you curb your cravings and achieve your desired weight. Remember to keep your body hydrated all through this time.

  1. Exercise

woman exercising

Probably you have already thought about this. Don’t sign up at the gym; it is a weight loss technique but not for a wedding. You are likely to overdo it at the gym or even increase weight and build muscles, which is off your goals. Fitting into the wedding dress should be the goal and a gym will probably lead you astray. The essence of exercising is increasing your metabolism for effective conversion of fat to energy. You can do it by yourself; 30 minutes in the morning or evening will do. Stick to a schedule for a given period and the results will be impressive.

  1. Don’t skip meals

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The misconception of weight loss is often directed at quantity of food. While it is a factor, this is not the way to approach weight loss. Of course, you should decrease the portions of food and frequency of eating; however, depriving your body of food will not yield any results. In fact, you can end up gaining more weight depending on the nature of activity. If you skip breakfast, for instance, you are likely to eat more at lunchtime because of the starvation thus maintaining or increasing the weight.

  1. Contain stress


You are likely to experience high stress levels because of coordinating service providers and making sure everything is delivered as per your expectations. Some of your ideas might seem insensitive or far-fetched even to your partner yet it means a lot to you. Such circumstances can be depressing and it can affect your body weight. If you are lucky, stress will help you lose weight but it is not healthy. You will not be happy on your wedding day. To manage stress, try meditation techniques, yoga, and all deep breathing exercises. Let people help you with planning to relax your mind.

  1. Get support

Share your weight goals with friends, your partner and close family members. Before the wedding day, you will attend several parties and events where food will be the main agenda. It will be easier to keep within your goals if the people around you understand your reservations. They will help you with making right choices and avoid offending the hosts. Avoid eating or drinking as a kind gesture to the host; let them know of your intentions to lose weight and it will be easier to achieve the goal. Sharing your intentions will also help in choosing healthy venues for the pre-wedding events. You will be surprise at how people are ready to support and join you in the weight loss endeavor.

Fitting in your wedding dress is crucial; however, don’t starve or sacrifice your comfort on the wedding with quick fixes to lose weight.

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