Seven Tricks to Make Small Breasts look Bigger Naturally

Size and looks have become quite an issue in our everyday life. We’re constantly being flooded with images of good-looking men and women – and even more so due to the fact that, as everybody knows, sex sells. So you’ll see big breasted women looking at you from every corner, every ad, every television show – and the list goes on. In fact, you’re so exposed to this that if you happen to have small breasts, it may cause you to think that you’re unattractive and decrease your self-respect, which, in turn, could lead to self-assurance issues and even depression.

So if you’re one of those women, who lack the genes necessary for big breasts, here are a few tricks to try to at least make them look a little bit bigger without having to undergo any surgeries or even wearing a push-up bra. And who knows? Maybe this can help boost your confidence!

Change your posture

beautiful woman in bra

Did you know that the way you stand or walk can affect the appearance of your breasts? If you’re experiencing confidence issues due to small breasts, there is a little something you can try. First, forget hunching over or trying to walk hollow-chested. Instead, consider walking with your chest thrown out for a little while. This can help them appear bigger.

Avoid loose clothes

girl wearing loose dress

Sometimes you may be tempted to try to hide your small breasts by wearing very loose clothes, or by choosing an outfit that is a few sizes bigger. But there is no need to do so. In fact, wearing loose clothes can make people think that your breasts are way smaller than they actually are. So simply stick to the clothes size you wear – and you may start to see the benefits of it.


girl contouring breast

Another thing you can do to help visually enlarge your breasts is to contour them. Contouring is an interesting technique that requires nothing but a little fond de taint and a small brush.

What you need to do is to apply the fond de taint to the place between your breasts and spread it. Put some on the upper part of your breasts as well. By contouring them you will be able to emphasize them a little bit more, helping them look a lot bigger than you might expect.

If you’re interested in this technique, here’s the clip from the screenshot above. Watch it for more info https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5a9MLZExWM).

Use a paperclip

girl performing bra hack

It may sound silly at a first, but in fact a little paperclip can help underline your breasts. Simply use it to connect the shoulder-straps of your bra. This will help push your breasts together a bit more, creating the perception that they are bigger. Don’t forget to put a shirt or a blouse on to hide it!

Another trick similar to this one is to cross-clasp your bra. The right shoulder-strap clasps on the left side, while the left one clasps on the right side. This has a similar effect to the one mentioned above.


bust with a necklace

Chose the right accessories can also enhance the appearance of your breasts. Did you know that if you wear a necklace with some kind of jewel (a small figurine, for example, or a pendant) placed between your breasts it could work wonders with the appearance of your breasts?

Try it out for yourselves.

The visual illusion it creates is because you’re placing something small in the middle in between them. This way the person looking at them has something to compare them to, making your breasts appear larger in their eyes.

And, if Victoria’s secrets models do it, why shouldn’t you?

Underlining your waist

Woman with long hair in high waisted jeans

This is yet another trick to help your breasts appear larger. Consider wearing underwear or jeans that have a higher waist. This way your breasts will appear bigger when compared to the waist. Oh, and keep in the mind your choice of colours – black, for example, can make you look thinner, but it also has the same effect on your breasts, making them appear smaller. Lighter clothes, on the other hand, can help emphasize them and thus help you. Oh, and striped clothes – or anything with horizontal shapes on can create the illusion of a more bulging bust.


This one is not much of a trick, but more of a long-running effect. See, there are certain foods you can eat that may help enlarge your breasts – and I’m not talking about an illusion here. Certain food and food groups contain estrogen and proteins, which are highly useful to helping your breasts grow bigger. Such foods, for example, can be eggs, meat, fish, chicken, peas, pumpkins and so on. Oh, and another thing – do your best to avoid salty foods and carbonated drinks. Do the same with foods that contain a high amount of sugar and try to keep your hands away from coffee. Those foods and drink contain certain substances that may lead to the reduction of your breasts.

So there you have it. Seven tricks to make your breasts appear bigger. But there’s something I’d like to share with you – if having small breasts is the only thing that makes you worried about the way you look – please, don’t think much of it. Some of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen didn’t have big breasts. Restrain yourself from following this trend, forced upon us by our madness of a society. There are more things other than the size of your breast that can make a woman sexy and desired – her mind, her intelligence, her imagination, the way she walks and so on. Just don’t forget to keep your head and confidence up – you’re not for a one-night stand, are you?

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