7 Trendy and Fashionable Bridesmaid Dresses

Saying yes to your fiancé for a wedding brings a plethora of thing to-do beginning with the venue to the DJ booking; choosing the main course and appetizers along with it the most important challenge is to choose the bridesmaid dress. The dress for the bridesmaid should be equally beautiful and stylish after securing ideas for the bride’s dress.

So, let’s peek into the 7 trendy and fashionable bridesmaid dresses:


Adrianna Papell Beaded Illusion Halter Gown Chiffon Skirt

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You can get a princess look with the beaded dress and choose between long or mini dresses. It is advised to choose ornate beaded designs with ethereal shapes that are soft and have delicate hues. Such beaded and dreamy dress gives a perfect moment for the bridesmaid and the bride herself because she will never forget such moments. The beaded dress gives a princess feel to the bride as well as the bridesmaid because it complements with her dress.


floral dress

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The floral printed dress looks chic and stylish. They are the perfect choice for summers and spring. If you love colorful prints instead of monochrome dresses then the floral dresses are surely for you. The floral dresses add a perfect dimension to your look which pops amongst the wedding ceremony. The floral dress looks funky and chic at the same time making you look fashionable in the overall attire.

Cold Shoulder

David's Bridal Crinkle Chiffon Cold-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

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Cold shoulders are something different from the off-shoulder dresses. Off-shoulder has been in trend since ages now but the latest trend is cold shoulder. It looks elegant with slinky full-length sleeves and floaty armbands. The draped fabric from the shoulders reveals the skin in the most chic way which looks modest and stylish at the same time. Pair it up with high heel s and roll your look on the special day.

Tiered Ruffles

Long Sleeve Tunic Dress Casual Ruffle

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The tiered or stacked frills look elegant for the wedding ceremony. It gives a romantic feel to the entire look. These beautiful dresses give a modern trend by V-neck or a flirty neckline with backless or crossover shoulders. Tiered ruffle dress looks chic on the wedding occasion. It has a modern as well as 90’s look due to which it makes a fashionable outfit.

Velvet Dress

Women's 90s Retro Velvet Long Bodycon Side Slit Formal Evening Gown

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You can always alter your chiffon or crepe dress with the velvet ones for winters as they look elegant and luxurious for the bridesmaid. Most people avoid wearing velvet as the bridesmaid but it gives a perfect dramatic appearance to your overall look. The colors of the velvet dress appear brighter and richer giving an exquisite look the bridesmaid.


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The sequins dress looks perfect for the bridesmaid because it pops the look of the bride and goes well with her dress. The dark shades of sequins dress look perfect and brighten you up during the winter and fall season. The rich textures, beautiful sheen and vibrant colors look wonderful on the bridesmaid.

Blingy Celestial Dress

The celestial dresses are gaining fame at this time of year and many people are following this old trend from 1990’s. It looks lovely when worn as the bridesmaid dress. You can always pair it up with beautiful accessories on hairs and nails to give you a chic appearance. Sparkle your special night with the celestial dress which brightens up the whole ceremony.

We have listed down the most trendy and stylish bridesmaid dresses for your big day. Choose from the best listed options and share your pictures with us!

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